Is Forever really Forever?
Uh, most of the time.

We usually sell just one limited edition design at a time. Once a sale ends we print the number ordered plus a handful of extras. If you want to own the current design you should order it during the sales period! Extra shirts from production runs -- if any -- will be put into Our Garage for sale only AFTER already purchased shirts have been shipped. They are $18 plus standard shipping charges (next time, don't hesitate!) and extremely limited in quantity. We won't have all designs or sizes, so no whining*. To see if your size is available just look for any design in Our Garage with the green light and that'll tell you if there's any available and in what size(s). If you see no green lights then there's nothing left and you need to work on your reaction time.

* Still want a past design? Let us know which ones by Liking and commenting on them in our Facebook album. If there is enough interest, we might be persuaded to bring back a design or derivative of it for another limited sale.