Submit a pic, get #blipshifted

Are those pics of you in your blipshift tee just sittin’ in your phone doing nothing? Put ‘em to work, and get #blipshifted! Every week we’re picking one awesome fan of the week. And if you’re the awesomest? You get 20 bucks in BS credit! How do you enter? Easy…

  1. Snap a pic of you gettin' all #blipshifted with your favorite BS tee or gear.
  2. Share said picture on Twitter or Instagram with hashtag #blipshifted.
  3. ???
  4. Profit! If you’re pic Senna’d its way to the front of the pack, you get  $20 worth of blipshift swag-acquiring dollars ! Your pic will also be a featured in our Friday email, so side bonus of fame! (“Ya see honey, this is why I need more shirts”)

This contest runs weekly and you can enter as much and as often as you want. Each contest time period runs from Tuesday at 1:00:00 PM (EST) until the following Tuesday at 12:59:59 PM (EST). Your submission can be entered multiple times if it has not won already, but it will only be considered during the contest time period for which it has been entered. Example: Submit picture on Thursday, didn't win :'( then submit it again the next day! See the official contest rules here.

Check out some of these awesome #blipshifted submissions!

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