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Cut Above the Rest 2018

by Dave Fowler
This ain't no hog for the butcher's shop. Take one look at this porker and you'll realize it'll run laps around the competition. This pig can fly.
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Shirt Color: Butcher Block Black
Posters: What's the deal?
Tags: 24 Hours of Le Mans, livery, Pig, pink
The Final Lap
For Yesterday's Design
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Cut Above the Rest 2018
by Ryan Peabody
Artist Specs
  • Name: Dave Fowler
  • Location: Columbus, OH
Artist Profile
Dave Fowler is a graphic designer and car guy from Columbus, Ohio. When he isn't sitting on his ass in front of a computer, or behind a drum set, you can find him seated comfortably behind the wheel of his Golf Sportwagen or 1965 Corvette.
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