Ingolstadt Mask

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We're not saying this is a turbocharged flame-spitting mask. It is turbocharged, but your spit isn't being dispersed.

Ships out in 2-3 weeks.
+ $380 shipping*
Color: white with silver/black/red stripes

More info: No returns. Who wants to be inhaling your leftover taco juice? Design printed on a single layer of antimicrobial treated polyester/spandex. These are not medical masks so if you're going to perform brain surgery, study hard and go to med school instead. Will not kill germs. Bathing in 70% alcohol might but don't do it. This mask is a super stylish simple barrier to help contain exhalations, sneezes and coughs for when you can't hold back high-speed bodily excretions. A mask may help lower the risk of infection and combining that with social distancing is even better. Extra bonus if you must keep your distance from "friends" or the in-laws.

The Final Lap
For Yesterday's Design
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Ingolstadt Mask
Corner Carver
by Bruce Thomson
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