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Live Fast Die Cast Poster

by Rob Matthes
Getting your first 1/64th is the automotive equivalent of a life sentence. You're sentenced to a life of laying under smelly cars trying to figure out where that strange noise is coming from. But there are those pure moments of bliss - a perfectly rev matched downshift on a Sunday drive - that atone for all those sleepless nights. So even if you live your life a (1/4)^3 mile at a time, you're in the right place.

12" x 18"

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Posters are Giclee printed with archival inks on heavy matte paper with a 1/4" white border and blipshift logo. We don't recommend hanging the finished work in direct sunlight. They're precious, like your eyes and Frodo's ring. We suggest hanging this masterpiece in your dingy garage. Posters are rolled and shipped in a durable cardboard tube, as you would expect.
Artist Specs
  • Name: Rob Matthes
  • Location: Afflicted with a life-long addiction to all things automotive, Rob is an independent creator doing automotive art with a retro flair and product design with an entrepreneurial bent. When it comes to cars, Rob doesn’t discriminate, having owned hardware from America, Germany, Japan, and Australia. His current stable includes a 1968 Mercury Cougar project and a 2016 Holden Commodore (ok, it’s a Chevy SS). When he’s not designing stuff, Rob is into photography, architecture, travel, and getting a few miles in on his road bike. Check out his latest exploits on his website and Instagram!
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