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Tags: 3 pedals, feet, foot, foot coverings, pedals, shift, shifter, socks

Manual Conversion Sock Bundle

by team blipshift
You'll automatically be the envy of your three pedal friends rocking these comfy cotton heel and toe coverings. This 4 pair bundle includes one each of Navy Shifter, Brown Shifter, Grey 3-Pedals and Navy 3-Pedals.
per 4 pair bundle

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Color: Navy/Brown/Grey/Navy
Artist Specs
  • Name: team blipshift
  • Location: NY
The Skinny
These are casual dress socks. You know, the kind you wear when your feet need to look fancy, like those times when you emerge from your bathroom from a cloud of Brut by Faberge.

These are appropriately used to "stick-shift it" to the man when you're stuck in your grueling annual performance review and your boss is telling you to stop playing with online car configurators during work hours.

Not rated for marathon use, unless you plan on completing the 26.2 miles behind the wheel (Rally-thon?).