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Shifter Tie Blues

Needin' to suit up? Not the fire retardant suit this time hoss, we're talkin' classy, sip the champagne instead of douse your fellow competitors kind of suit up. Let your true inner self shine through the multi-layers of cotton and silk with a hint of manual glory.

(Bowties are sold out.)
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Blipshift Neckties are 100% woven silk with silk backing, handmade and stain resistant. They measure about 3-3.1” wide at their widest point, neither hipsterishly narrow nor grandpa’s hand-me-downs wide, and run a pretty standard 58-59” in length. Want to wear your BS tie to the next concours? Treat 'em well! [Product care info]

Tags: clutch, downshift, gates, Manual Transmission, shifter, ties
The Final Lap
For Yesterday's Design
Shifter Tie Blues
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by Davis Kunselman
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