24 reasons you need A Case Of The Shirts:

  1. Mom keeps telling you to put a damn shirt on.
  2. There is no such thing as too much of a good thing.
  3. Huh, so oil does stain.
  4. I didn't know we were going mudding today.
  5. I missed those designs! All of them.
  6. There's still room left in your closet.
  7. You haven't gotten a new piece of clothing since your 16th birthday.
  8. Pit stains should only be of the asphalt variety.
  9. Damnit pasta sauce!!!!
  11. The dryer was set to "FIRE"
  12. You have brothers/sisters, they "borrowed" your tees, naturally.
  13. Polar bears. 'Nuff said.
  14. You need something else besides shirts with cute kittens on them.
  15. I almost cut my finger off doing X, now have a blood stained tee, battle scar, and a sick story bro.
  16. You sweat. A lot.
  17. You've been planning on ripping your old shirts up and sewing them into the sweetest pair of pants ever created. Ever.
  18. YOLO.
  19. You only do laundry once a month.
  20. HD Tees now! Yes!
  21. "I can do that. Here, hold my beer."
  22. Your current tees and rag pile are indistinguishable.
  23. Fightclub.
  24. You've shirt yourself.

The Dealz

We want you to 6 speed manual ALL THE THINGS! So, we're giving away a 6 speed stress relieving shift knob to the first 500 orders of shirts (sticker only orders do not qualify)! Row your own from the comfort of your office cube and get some foam stress ball-y Serenity Now goodness!

Thinking of tripling down on shirts? You'll get a free blipshift decal* with any 3+ shirt order, and as always shipping is free with any order of 3+ tees

And if you go big, you get a coupon for a free future tee for every 5 tees ordered on a single order during the sale**!

* While supplies last
** Max value of $15, expires 11/15/14.

How do I add stress bally awesomeness to my cart?

You don't have to! If you're quick with the mouse or apex your screen tapping and make it into the first 500 orders, we'll send you one automatically. You'll know you got one because your order confirmation email will indicate that you've made it to the foam ball shifting show. If you weren't quick enough this time around, the order confirmation email won't say anything about it 'cause, well, who really wants to be reminded about not gettin' a BS Shifter Stress Ball?

How may BS Shifter Stress Balls can I get?

One per order.

Can I buy a BS Shifter Stress Ball?

Nope! Sorry, but we're not selling this separately. They only come free with the first 500 orders of the 2014 BS 24.

When is this gonna happen?

The BS 24 starts August 4st @ 10pm EST and runs until August 7th @ 10pm EST

WIN A Case Of The Shirts!

Enter a #BStheShirts selfie to win ALL 24 designs! Contest is over and winners have been selected!


New stickers and decals of some of your favorite designs will be up for the BS 24 and beyond!