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Locked and Loaded

by Marc Carreras
When you arrive at the track to do battle, it's nice to have of rear engined grip, a flat six ( and maybe some turbos), and over half a decade of motorsport backing. And while you might not be able to shield yourself from lesser bug comparisons, who cares? You can just pass them.

Idea by Mamdouh Eldaly
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Gone forever in
Tags: Flat Six, German, Rear Engine, Tire, Wheel
The Final Lap
For Yesterday's Design
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Locked and Loaded
by Jack Yu
Artist Specs
  • Name: Marc Carreras
  • Location: Munich, Germany
  • Website/FB: Remove-Before
Artist Profile
Marc is an Engineer/Designer originally from Girona (Barcelona) who works as a 3D Modeler in automotive design. He has worked for Nissan, BMW and Qoros and currently works at Audi Concept Design. You can see his other awesome designs and posters at his website.
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