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Safe At Any Speed

by Ian McLaughlin
While they haven't gotten around to flying cars just yet, Volvo is making grounded transportation as safe and high-tech as it can be. Get a good look at the taillights, because these new Volvos are charging into the future, inspired by the rocketship wagons of the past.
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Gone forever in
Tags: 850, Charge Into The Future, Contest, Hatch, Hatchback, Polestar, S60, Safe, Swedish, Tee Design Contest, V60, V70R, Volvo, Wagon
The Final Lap
For Yesterday's Design
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Safe At Any Speed
On A Rohrl
by Anthony McClinton
Artist Specs
  • Name: Ian McLaughlin
  • Location: Washington, DC
Artist Profile
Ian’s been drawing, designing, and playing with cars since his first Hot Wheels car. He enjoys all things on wheels including classics, supercars, domestics, and imports. When not daydreaming about his next road trip or adventure, he’s working as an architect in the DC metro area designing luxury homes. His current ride is a Rebel Blue, Volvo S60 R-Design.
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