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LT Dub

by Jack Yu
For a few years the E36 suffered from dub syndrome, cheap used bimmers meant that the wrong hands got a hold of a lot of cars. They wound up slammed with massive heavy boy racer-ish wheels. If you're gonna go the dub route, the only way is to LTW. No radio, proper suspension, and actual aero. Because we all know going fast is more important than looking fast.
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Gone forever in
Tags: bimmer, CSL, E36, Lightweight, LTW, M, M3
The Final Lap
For Yesterday's Design
LT Dub
by Emerson Lamm
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Artist Specs
  • Name: Jack Yu
  • Location: San Jose, CA
Artist Profile
Jack is currently a co-founder of a startup in the health tech and AI industry. He spends a lot of free time doing graphic design, riding on long-distance road trips with a non-threatening biker gang, and auto-crossing with the BMW CCA Golden Gate chapter as a team coordinator and coach in his E46 M3.
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