About Us

Blipshift was founded by two car guys and fashion ninja who wondered where they might find on the Internet fresh and awesome t-shirts designed for automotive enthusiasts. They soon discovered that there are plenty of shirt-a-day sites. Seriously, how many geek, pop culture, zombie, video game, comic, Dr Who sci-fi or fantasy movie or TV show shirts does one need to choose from on a regular basis? (Apparently at least 42 if you’re willing to buy a zombie t-shirt from Portugal.)

But what if you wanted to show the world through a unique screen-printed combed cotton garment that you are pro-hoon? Or wanted to express in 6 or fewer spot colors that you live for your track days? Or maybe wanted to revel in the latest automotive blog meme? (Because racecar what?) Or proudly proclaim that you change your own oil because, frankly, you wouldn’t trust anyone else to caress your baby’s drain plug? Where could you turn? Exactly.

And thus was born blipshift.

Blipshift brings you high quality, limited edition auto-enthusiast focused shirts for just $16. Each shirt is available for only a few days before it is towed off to the crusher, never to be printed again. Since a new shirt is available every few days, be sure to check back frequently not to miss out on any fresh and awesome design! Or opt to get notified by e-mail so you’ll never overlook an opportunity to enhance your lifestyle wardrobe. 

Designs are created by blipshift artists and a global network of contributing automotive and shirt designers. Blipshift pays artists $1 for every shirt sold within the sales period and the artist retains full rights to their design afterwards. If you are an artist feel free to submit a design you want the team to consider.

Even if you aren’t a designer, if you have a brilliant idea for a shirt, share it with us. If your idea is new and eventually gets turned into a shirt, you’ll get a free copy of that shirt plus other swag. 

Blipshift’s founders are avid auto enthusiasts who can often be found tweaking their rides, flogging them at the track, strolling the floors at SEMA or otherwise seeking some form of motorized thrill. In addition to updates on their latest apparel offerings, they’ll look to share with you some of their motor-exploits via the blipshift blog, facebook or twitter

Apex Everything™. 

- The bs team