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Arūnas Rimkus acquired his taste for open tarmac and scenic road trips thanks to Test Drive Unlimited and his car-enabling brother. Currently piloting a Volvo V40, he dreams of conquering European roads like the Transfăgărășan in something a little more… focused. When he’s not studying and working in the energy field as a software developer, Arūnas creates some of your favourite soft things to wear like "Budget Bond", "Lucky Number 7", and "Unusual Suspects".

Arūnas exercised his keyboard to answer a few questions:

Volvo C303 Blizzard Buster

What do you do with your portal-axled C303 when you're hit with a blizzard? Why you go for a drive of course.

Volvo C303 Grammercy

One of these things is not like the others.

Ariel North America

Ariel Atom Factory Warehouse Ariel Atom Carbon Fiber Nose

We dropped in our friends at TMI AutoTech aka Ariel North America. Tour of the factory and Atom / Nomad rides? Yes please...

Pitt Stop in Bimmersville

Just because we were taking a road trip down to Daytona, it doesn't mean we can't "accidentally make a wrong turn" along the way. Oooh look, Bimmers!

Elvis 507 BMW

First Stop was the BMW Zentrum Museum, now showcasing Elvis' gorgeous restored 507 roadster. What a classic.

Daytona 2017

Waiting in for alternate-side-of-the-street parking in the city got kinda boring and cold, so we decided to road trip to Florida for the 24h of Daytona endurance race... and found more cold rainy weather. Plus, speedy cars!

Bank of Daytona

The day started with some hot laps from the handsome folks at the BMW Performance Center. The M3s are more than capable for this track... you can bank on that.

2016 Shiftee Awards

The best and blip-est designs are struttin’ their stuff on the red carpet in celebration of the many awesome submitters behind ‘em. Whether you're a full blown artist or more of an idea guy/gal, these are the tees that are deserving of the Golden Torso.

shiftee bust

The Stage 2 Award

Design Most likely to return in 2017

Get Skidward

Get Skidward
by Dane Arnold

Runners Up

Swede Dreams - Markus Lewtschuk
PASMalware - Blayde

shiftee bust

The +5HP Award

Tee most likely to be made a sticker

Don't Skip

Don't Skip
by Richard Caminita

Runners Up

The Better Deal - Algirdas Rimkus
Close Encounters - Paul Dumitru

Chris Holewski Artist

Chris Holewski can say it and spray it thanks to careers as both an Art Director and stencil artist; whether he’s creating branding for clients ranging from offroad magazines to pharmaceutical companies, or spraying down his varied project vehicles in addition to his automotive stencil designs. It's these hand-painted works that have formed the basis for classic tees like "2-Thousand-Ooh", "Landy", and "DTM3".

Chris took off his respirator to answer a few questions:

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