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Maybe you're trying to figure out the best way to deal with the mountain of awesome tees sitting in the corner of the bedroom. Solution: go big! Turn that lil rolling hill of cotton into the Everest of tees ‘cause starting Monday, May 30, we’re moving up to 5 designs every week!

Got questions? Read on for the deets…

Anthony McClinton

With dozens of designs to his name, half of which returned as resto-mods, engineer and blipshift veteran Anthony McClinton is no stranger. A Subie guy through-and-through, Anthony enjoys anything that can indulge his outdoor pursuits like mountain biking and hiking. His more popular designs include "T Power", "Be Afraid", and "Grandcarther".

Anthony took a moment to answer a few questions:

Extended Artist Bio: John Coughlin

John Coughlin

Jersey boy John Coughlin has always surrounded himself with cars. Whether it's shooting the latest supercar as Photo Editor for a major news site, hitting the Auto X with his daily driver, or playing cars with his young son, John has embraced his passion for 4-wheeled fun. When not driving, surfing, or shooting photos, he creates great designs like "Please Refrain from Touching", "Panda Warrior", and "22B?".

John put down the camera to answer a few questions:

20 Classic Designs Till 4/4

Ah, the joys of April Fools' Day. Sticky-note covered cars, loose salt shaker tops, and whoopee cushions. This year, you've got something better to look forward to... the Apex Everything 2016 Sale - this ain't no joke!

The BS design engineers have been hibernating in a dark windowless room all winter with one goal: imagine the besto-restomods ever! They emerged for spring a little pasty, with an "interesting" odor, and with the top 20 torso-tastic designs since the dawn of blipshift! These modern classics can be yours from Thursday, March 31 @ 10 PM EDT through Monday, April 4.

Bonus! If your drag-strip relexes kick in for a quick mouse click or phone screen tap, you may just score an early bird giveaway. We've also got some new stickers and brand spankin' new Note Car(d)s so you can write your buddy a sweet sympathy note about how he got passed (by you) on the final corner.

Do you struggle with FILO (first-in, last-out) Tee Syndrome? Is your tee-pression limiting your ability to achieve maximum torso covering awesomeness? Good news, there are treatments available and you don't need to talk to your doctor! The KonMari method developed by Burippu Shifuto in the touges of Japan has been proven to reduce apparel inflammation. Here’s how to do it:

Materials Needed:

Step 1) Longingly stare at your t-shirt drawer wishing you had space for the latest blipshift shirt which you’d totally buy if you had the space AND if only your better half would leave the room so you don't get caught placing an order.

Drawer Before

Extended Artist Bio: Salman Anjum

Salman Anjum

UK bloke Salman Anjum likes to draw - like - a lot. Though most of his talent is put to work for a nutrition education charity, Salman never misses a chance to put his automotive passion onto paper. One of our most prolific artists, his designs include "Tri-Luminati", "Aging Well", and "Use The Force" among many others.

Salman put down the sketchpad to answer a few questions:

Extended Artist Bio: Paul Dumitru

Paul Dumitru

Paul Dumitru was taught to tinker at an early age in his home country of Romania, which soon turned into an automotive engineering degree. Now residing in the US, Paul loves all things mechanical, be it a diesel tractor, Formula SAE project, or vintage racecar. He also keeps himself busy with car designs, some of which include "St Manual", "Stay Negative", and "Baws".

Paul took a break to answer a few questions of ours:

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