Chris Holewski Artist

Chris Holewski can say it and spray it thanks to careers as both an Art Director and stencil artist; whether he’s creating branding for clients ranging from offroad magazines to pharmaceutical companies, or spraying down his varied project vehicles in addition to his automotive stencil designs. It's these hand-painted works that have formed the basis for classic tees like "2-Thousand-Ooh", "Landy", and "DTM3".

Chris took off his respirator to answer a few questions:

The flappy piece of cloth at the end of a stick might have waved for The Black Flag Friday Sale, but that doesn't mean we're packin' up and leaving Santa's list empty. Driver Monday lasts just one day, 11/28, and it's got 9 tire-smokin' deals on gearhead-tacular accessories. So stock up, and stick 'em in some stockings!

Giant Pile of Stickers

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BOGO Blipshift Caps & Beenies

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Stainless Shifter Pint Cups

Silicone Coasters & Ice Molds

Formula Fridge Track Magnets

Blipmas cheer is coming near with the 4th annual Black Flag Friday Sale. we’ve got several ugly holiday designs plus some snazzy new products available while supplies last! So make a list and check it twice, the sale runs from Friday, 11/25 thru Sunday 11/27 only.

Make your Xmas party an Apex-mas party with one of our 4 holiday tees or long sleeves. We’ve got our Manual and Flatspiracy ugly sweater tees as well as two colors of "Dash Lit Like A" to keep those sleigh bells jingling.

Manual Ugly Holiday Sweater Tee Flatspiracy Festive

24 fan-tee-stick designs Till 11/7

Here’s one election that you won’t want to end, as the blipshift engineers have crafted 24 nasty good designs as part of The Tee-lection Sale! No time to debate, these candidates are only campaigning from Thursday November 3 @ noon EDT through Monday November 7, so get your ballots in fast!

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Algirdas Rimkus

It's tuff forming an auto enthusiasm in post-Soviet Eastern Europe, but living close to the Lithuanian "Nemunas Ring" and an early exposure to vintage Ferraris soon unearthed the passion in Algirdas. Rockin' a 5-cylinder Volvo, he loves spending time outdoors as a Geologist or while rolling around on his bicycles. Algirdas appreciates a solid joke, and enjoys using comedy in his design gems such as "Revolutionary", "The Better Deal", and "Diff'rent Strokes".

Algirdas was gneiss enough to answer a few questions:

Besto-resto mods are approaching

Time to make your t-shirt drawer great again with our yuuuge assortment of favorites returning this Thursday, 11/3 starting @ noon EST in The Tee-lection Sale! We’ve got 24 shirt-tacular and restomodded designs so it’s almost time to make your decision about which tees are qualified to cover your torso.

Glowing Gates Laptop Shifter Decal  Glowing Gates Laptop Shifter Decal

What’s better than the solid click of a gated shifter? How about the equally satisfying stick of our new Glowing Gates Shifter Decal. Show the world that you CTRL and SHIFT your own with our matte finish sticker, available during the sale.

Silicone Shifter Molds  Silicone Shifter Molds

There’s nothing cooler than rowing your own, except for ice cubes from our Silicone Shifter Molds! Nothin’ shifty about it, these multi-purpose trays can be used for anything from liquid cooling to chocolate and jello molds. Grab this gear during the sale before they melt away...

The Tee-lection Sale starts Thurs, November 3 @ noon EDT and runs through Mon, November 7.

2016-11-03 12:00:00 2016-11-07 23:59:59 America/New_York The Tee-lection Sale 24 resto-modded tees & posters available for a limited time.

Extended Artist Bio: Marc Carreras

Marc Carreras

Munich resident and 3D modeller Marc Carreras is immersed in the world of German cars on a daily basis. When he’s not designing concepts for the likes of BMW and Audi, Marc is hard at work crafting classic automotive artwork for his hobby-turned-business, Remove Before. Though he can appreciate the fine details of many different cars, he adores any chance to feature the iconic P-cars sharing his name, with designs including "C4 RR 3R4", "Coupe Sport Leichtbau", and "On Safari" in addition to the many on his own store.

Marc stopped hunting for vintage car classifieds in order to answer a few questions:

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