Fall Into a Pile o' Swag

You've already changed those fluids and tires in response to that chill in the air, now it's time to swap those shirts. If your work-from-home uniform is becoming more barnfind than beach cruiser, give your wardrobe a tune-up with The Automn Sale. With 20 resto-modded tee designs (and some new faves) available from Monday October 26th thru Thursday the 29th.

That's not the only tee-peeping you'll be doing this fall either, as the sale also brings on a tide of new designs from our fantastic partners, including Micah Muzio, The Drive, The Human Driving Association, and Chris Jacobs Shirts. Help support your favorite personalities and creators with a limited-time tee!

Tik tok 'till The Automn Sale

Do you hear that ticking? No, it's not your cats cooling off after a spirited drive through leaf-covered lanes, or your sport chrono stopwatch timing your run through the drive thru for your pumpkin spice. It's the countdown until The Automn Sale! Starting Monday, October 26, we're resurrecting 20 tees along with some new favourites and fresh partner designs. Can you eye-spy any before the full reveal?

Automn Sale Blurry Grid

On top of all this torso thankfulness, The Automn Sale winds are also blowing in:

  • New Partner Store tees
  • New baby onesies
  • New Apple Watch & racing-inspired straps
  • New wall art
  • And lots more!

Put those drag-strip-honed reaction times to the test, and you may snag an AsteRISK Bumper Sticker FREE along with your 1/4 mile printout. Limited quantities available for early orders that add it to their cart before checkout.

Asterisk Bumper Sticker

The Automn Sale starts Monday October 26 and runs through Thursday, October 29.

2020-10-26 00:00:00 2020-10-29 23:59:59 America/New_York The Automn Sale 2020 Resto-modded tees designs and other new swag available for a limited time.

You Asked, We Masked

Most of us wouldn't take our stripped-out race car camping, nor would we take our Cheerio-covered minivan around the Nurburgring. We're all about simplifying and adding lightness, but there are times when more is an equally valid option. That's why most current face masks are now also available in a 2-layer variant!

Face Mask Comparison

The same fit, stretch, and feel as our current face masks that your schnoz knows and loves, but with an additional cotton layer on the inside – in black or white to match the respective elastic color – and a pocket in the middle that allows you to add your own additional filter on top of the passive barrier.

Designs for all masks printed on a layer of antimicrobial treated polyester/spandex. These are not medical masks so if you're going to perform brain surgery, study hard and go to med school instead. Will not kill germs. Bathing in ethanol might but please don't do that. This mask is a super stylish simple barrier to help contain exhalations, sneezes and coughs for when you can't hold back high-velocity bodily excretions. A mask may help lower the risk of infection and combining that with social distancing is even better. Extra bonus if you must keep your distance from "friends" or the in-laws.

Tees, Socks, Accessories, & More!

Remember suits and ties? What socks feel like? Wearing pants? Yeah, neither do we. Now that casual Friday is casual every day, one might as well upgrade their torso garage and mix up those virtual outfits. The 96 Hours of BS Sale brings you 20 no-bull designs, featuring many of your favorite tees and some new ones, from Thursday, July 30 thru Monday, August 3. Check out the full lineup!

Assembling Surprised Cone Bricks

Need some instructions for assembling Surprised Cone Bricks and applying the included water transfer decals? Look no further.

The Happiest Hours Are Ahead

Countdown to The 96 Hours of BS Sale

Let's be real, by now we're all pretty sick of those Zoom happy hours. After all, who wants to stare at their computer screen for another 60+ minutes while you try and figure out whose turn it is to talk? But 96 hours of new tees, accessories, and other apparel? That'll sure make you and your torso happy.

From Thursday, July 30 @ noon ET thru Monday, August 3 (so yes, technically that's 108 hours) The 96 Hours of BS Sale starts off with these 20 fresh t-shirts. Can you spot any of your returning favorites hiding under the temporary development camouflage?

96h of BS Sale Blurry Grid

That's not all though, as the expansive lineup also includes:

  • New designs from our Partner Stores
  • New onesies
  • New wall art
  • New sock designs
  • A new blipshift hat
  • Watch straps
  • And lots more!

Act fast, and you may snag a set of Suprised Cone Bricks on us! To scale with your favorite build-it-yourself toy, each set contains pieces to build 5 cones complete with face decals.

Surprised Cone Bricks

The 96 Hours of BS Sale starts Thursday, July 30 @ noon ET and runs through Monday, August 3.

2020-07-30 12:00:00 2020-08-03 23:59:59 America/New_York 2020 96 Hours of BS Sale Resto-modded tees designs and other new swag available for a limited time.

Ordinarily, April is apex season, complete with the smells of bed-in brakes and fresh oil, along with a closet-stuffing amount of returning tee designs and other goodies.

We're big believers in flattening the curve though, and so we've made some mods to our production and fulfillment process. To keep the dream of sweet tees alive, we've spread out the 20 Apex Everything Sale tee designs and other swag into 5 laps, with a new group of resto-modded favorites, wall art, accessories, and more rotating through every weekend from April 24 - May 25.

Come back here each week to see what designs the current lap brings!

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