The Little Miata That Couldn't

AER - 1, bS - 0

Back in May, some of the knuckleheads at BS HQ decided to try our hands - normally reserved for caressing soft cotton tees - at American Endurance Racing. With solid night of Mario Kart training, we declared ourselves ready for two gruelling 9h sessions on the Thunderbolt course at New Jersey Motorsports Park. So how'd we do? Read on to find out.

Extended Artist Bio: Dino Pros

Dino Pros

Dino lives, breathes, photographs, watches, sketches, pixelates, and writes about cars. So yeah - you could say he’s a pretty hardcore enthusiast. Among the many options this Croatian has for laser-focusing his zeal, it’s blipshift designs that he’s most enjoyed for combining his love for 4 wheels with his bill-paying-skillz as a graphic artist. This has lead to a bevy of brilliant designs like "Leave Your Mk", "Yellowbird", and "For The Trees".

Dino took a moment to answer a few questions:

Conquer the land of Daytona

Think about the sacrifices you make to get on track: The pantry full of ramen, sleepless nights spent wrenching, and everything else it takes to get on the battlefield. Then savor finding a gap, that perfect pass, braking later, nailing the apex; all the thrills of wheel-to-wheel Motor Kombat. Now share that!

Weekend Warrior Tee Design Contest


Apex American Endurance Racing

That’s right. Playing king of the shirt mountain at BS HQ is getting a little old. Next step? Endurance racing! We’ll be on track for a handful of American Endurance Racing events for the remaining 2017 season, starting with New Jersey Motorsports Park on May 20-21.

Combustamove Sunoco Design

Too Fuel For School

A high-octane high-five to all the fueled up fans that participated in our If It Has An Engine Tee Design Contest, thanks to our partnership with the sunny folks at Sunoco Fuels. Congra-tee-lations to Kathy Helmetag, whose chemistry-themed idea was transformed into the “Combustamove” design you see here by Chad Seip. The shirt will be available from Tuesday May 16th through Wednesday the 17th, so get your copy before it blows a gasket!

Combustamove Sunoco Design


Winner Winner, Torso Dinner!

The MX-Fly-est

A big ol' thanks to all the fly ideas and designs submitted to our MX-Fly Tee Design Contest in partnership with Flyin' Miata, and congrats to Michael Incristo, whose "Re-Spec Your Elders" idea was selected as the winner! The idea was transformed into the tee-riffic "Re-Spec" design you see here by Ben Loopstra, which is available as part of the 25 designs in The Apex Everything Sale.

Re-Spec Your Elders Miata

NA Headlights Design

An additional shoutout to Eric Bell, whose torso-tastic NA headlight design snagged him the runner-up prize. Not only did he score some fine blipshift credit, but the design is likely to be made into a sweet shirt at a later date!

Ace That Apex

Judging by the countless awesome photos submitted for our My Best Apex Photo Contest, corners had better watch out! Based on popular votes, it was Ashton Harrison and the snap of her making a motorcycle out of an MX-Cup car at Watkins Glenn that scored her a copy of The Whole Shirt-bang containing a copy of each of the 25 Apex Everything Sale designs! Thanks to all who participated, and keep on apexing everything!

My Best Apex Contest Winner MX-5 Cup

Nailed it, it's Apex Everything!

25 apex-ready designs till 4/10

Track season is apex season, which is why we’ve resto-modded 25 top tees for The Apex Everything Sale! Better put on your HANS device and prepare for the T-forces, as this sale launches hard starting Thursday April 6 @ noon EDT through Monday April 10. Ready, set, apex!

Hook up the tires with a good launch and you may trap one of our early bird giveaways! A set of Snail & Cone Magnets could be yours with an early apex, but only for the first 500 qualifying* orders. Item appears in cart if eligible.

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