Hit the road with 20+ tees

There's little that gets the dopamine going like that squiggly yellow diamond. Just as it means that you and your ride are in for a good time, so too does the announcement of The Apex Everything Sale! Get up to speed with over 20 new and newly resto-modded apparel designs available from Thursday April 1 through Monday the 5th.

Apex Everything on April 1

Time to flush that DOT4 and lace up some 100TW shoes, The Apex Everything Sale is just over the next bend! Starting Thursday, April 1, we've polished up 20 of your favorite past tee designs, plus some new soon-to-be faves, along with fresh collabs from our Partner Stores and other enthusiast swag. Recognize any tees below?

Apex Everything 2021 Sale Pixel Grid

The changing tee-son is also rolling out:

  • A Men's Tank Top option for select designs
  • New Formula Onesies for kids
  • New Wall Art
  • And plenty more!

Push your machine and your reflexes to the limit by ordering early, and you might just snag a CEL Keychain FREE. Limited quantities available for early apexing orders that add it to their cart before checkout.

CEL Keychain

The Apex Everything Sale starts Thursday, April 1 and runs through Monday, April 5.

2021-04-01 00:00:00 2021-04-205 23:59:59 America/New_York The Apex Everything Sale 2021 Resto-modded tees designs and other new swag available for a limited time.

The 2020 Shiftee Awards

The less said about 2020 the better, there's still one lingering reason to approach the year with hindsight, and that's with The Shiftee Awards! Unlike TP, there was no shortage of drool-worthy art this year, both from loyal repeat artists and brand-new submitters. Here are those that apexed everything and snagged a golden Torso.

The T-Shirt Drawer of Fame

Staff Picks From the Year

Kenny GP

As a rider, it’s always a rare pleasure to show off that passion with more two-wheeled designs, and this is the tee that gets the most action from my stuffed shirt drawer. The simple colours and bold lines make for such an attractive piece, and judging by its popularity, others agree!



I've always wanted to go to Oktoberfest and Bavaria has some storied automotive history being the home of BMW. The protip on the ground is that Stuttgart is where real Germans go to celebrate so why would you pass up the opportunity to go to Porsche and Mercedes HQ and kill two birds with one stein?


King Sarther

As an art nerd i loved that this style reminded me of the artist Basquiat. It's very simple and graphic but still manages to be lively and full of character. Also a King Arthur reference for the name, absolutely *chef's kiss perfection!


Periodic Maintenance

I had a periodic table of elements hanging up on my wall as a kid, no shame in my science nerd game!  I love all our designs but the super niche ones that are kind of like an inside joke are always at the top of my Shiftee listee!



Our most popular designs are those that elicit an emotional reaction from our fans. Sandstorm may have not been a top seller for us, but it hits that emotional connection for me, bringing me back to the early days of RC. While I’m not old enough to have owned this model myself, it was the forefather of many Tamiya designs, including a Monster Beetle I still have in my garage.


Summer Body II

'cause I like to think of myself as someone who thinks IN the box and slightly underpowered.


shiftee bust

The Stage 2 Award

Most popular new design from The year

Best Bro

Best Bro
by Geoff Ombao

Runners Up

AsteRISK - team blipshift
Quatt-whoa - Mycak Sames

shiftee bust

The +5HP Award

Tee most likely to be made a sticker

It'll Make It

It'll Make It
by Matthew McCarthy

Runners Up

Boosts Per Minute - Ar Riza Deli Henri
Prost! - Ben Brotsker

shiftee bust

The "It Belongs in a Museum" Award

Most Popular Print

Periodic Maintenance

Periodic Maintenance
by Anthony Chitay

Runners Up

Das Autodesk - Ar Rizza Deli Henri
Rule The Day - Mycak Sames

shiftee bust

The "Poster Boaster" Award

Most Sold Wall Art


by Mycak Sames

Runners Up

Le Monster - Ar Riza Deli Henri
On Your Mk - Dino Pros

shiftee bust

The "Hem Fatale" Award

Best Selling Women's Tee

It'll Make It

It'll Make It
by Matthew McCarthy

Runners Up

Aircool BNB - Twain Forsythe
Hop On - Wade Devers

shiftee bust

The "Start 'Em Young" Award

Most Popular Kids Tee


by Twain Forsythe

Runners Up

Best Bro - Geoff Ombao
Air Cooler - Wade Devers


New artists featured


Most published designs by one artist

shiftee bust

The Einstein Award

Most Successful Idea Submission


Idea by Sheen Hosseinpour

Runners Up

Pedalling Kids - Georgianne Barlow
Kenny GP - Vijay Hiremath

shiftee bust

The Bestomod Award

Best selling design resto-mod

First Responder VI

First Responder VII
by Chad Seip

Runners Up

Don't Skip V - Richard Caminita
Get Skidward V - Dane Arnold

shiftee bust

The "Closet Stuffer" Award

Prolific new artist

Sweet 16V

Jon Sheahan

Runners Up

Zach Hallum
Justin Flagg

shiftee bust

The "Michelshirtelo" Award

Most fruitful artist

02 Step

Twain Forsythe

Runners Up

Mycak Sames
André Shikay


Number of submissions


Acceptance rate

shiftee bust

The "Still Got It"

Biggest Hit By BS


by team blipshift

Runners Up

What's up DOHC?
Spick and Spanner

shiftee bust

The "Limited-est Edition" Award

Biggest Bomb By BS

Tis The Season

Tis The Season
by team blipshift

Runners Up

Come on Downshift


Got an award you'd like to see next time? Feel free to Contact Us with feedback.

Extended Artist Bio: Jon Sheahan

Jon Sheahan

As a senior designer for an extreme sports brand, it's no surprise that you can on occasion find Jon on the mountain bike trails. More often than not though, this petrolhead from across the pond is in the shed, adding to his calluses and cussing vocab while wrenching on one of his many hunks of old German metal. His heavily-modified Mk2 Golf of 14+ years gets most of the attention, but a new Cocker Spaniel comes in at a close second. You can see this garage and range of interests reflected in designs like "Sweet 16V", "Westward Bound", and "GTRadical".

Like a mechanic in a cop procedural, Jon rolled his crawler out to answer a few questions:

Shiftmas Comes Early

In the list of things to be thankful for in the decade that has been the year-that-shall-not-be-named, our 4-wheeled fuggetaboutit vehicles might be at the top. The 10 Blips of Shiftmas Sale gives thanks with 10 unique daily lineups of apparel and accessories just waiting to find a home under a tree or in a tee drawer from Friday November 27th thru Tuesday December 8.

Even better, we're giving discounts on these new daily accessories with purchase of qualifying tee products, as detailed below.

Fall Into a Pile o' Swag

You've already changed those fluids and tires in response to that chill in the air, now it's time to swap those shirts. If your work-from-home uniform is becoming more barnfind than beach cruiser, give your wardrobe a tune-up with The Automn Sale. With 20 resto-modded tee designs (and some new faves) available from Monday October 26th thru Thursday the 29th.

That's not the only tee-peeping you'll be doing this fall either, as the sale also brings on a tide of new designs from our fantastic partners, including Micah Muzio, The Drive, The Human Driving Association, and Chris Jacobs Shirts. Help support your favorite personalities and creators with a limited-time tee!

Tik tok 'till The Automn Sale

Do you hear that ticking? No, it's not your cats cooling off after a spirited drive through leaf-covered lanes, or your sport chrono stopwatch timing your run through the drive thru for your pumpkin spice. It's the countdown until The Automn Sale! Starting Monday, October 26, we're resurrecting 20 tees along with some new favourites and fresh partner designs. Can you eye-spy any before the full reveal?

Automn Sale Blurry Grid

On top of all this torso thankfulness, The Automn Sale winds are also blowing in:

  • New Partner Store tees
  • New baby onesies
  • New Apple Watch & racing-inspired straps
  • New wall art
  • And lots more!

Put those drag-strip-honed reaction times to the test, and you may snag an AsteRISK Bumper Sticker FREE along with your 1/4 mile printout. Limited quantities available for early orders that add it to their cart before checkout.

Asterisk Bumper Sticker

The Automn Sale starts Monday October 26 and runs through Thursday, October 29.

2020-10-26 00:00:00 2020-10-29 23:59:59 America/New_York The Automn Sale 2020 Resto-modded tees designs and other new swag available for a limited time.