The 2018 Shiftee Awards

Time to bust out the red floor mats and put on your best racing suit, as the freshest and finest blipshift tees are strutting their stuff on the track walk for The Shiftee Awards! As we look back on the many artist and idea guys n' gals that made our lineup for the year possible, it was these works that took "apex everything" to heart and scored the Golden Torso.

The T-Shirt Drawer of Fame

Staff Picks From the Year

Apex Everything 80s

As a huge fan of the synthwave music genre, this spectacularly 80's tee was a match made in torso heaven. The artist really knocked it out of the park to the point that it also set the stage for the equally-awesome 70's version and others to come.



Rarely does a design call out so forcefully to me. Up there with Rick Springfield's "Working Class Dog," the Llamaghini shows that anything is possible with the right animal. Much like determining the difference between a llama and alpaca, satire is a tricky game, but the Llamaghini delivered perfectly.


Fully Charged Into The Future

Thanks to all who submitted their amped-up ideas and designs to the Charge Into The Future Tee Design Contest in partnership with Volvo! It was a boxy grid full of awesome concepts to choose from, but congrats go out to Ian McLaughlin whose line-drawing lineup of iconic wagons became the "Safe at Any Speed" design you see here. That means he snags a jam-packed trip to Sweden in the New Year!

Safe At Any Speed Volvo Design

Save some applause for Chris Suan and Sean Zeeck too, whose designs had some current of their own, landing them spots as runners up. That means they scored some fine BS credit, but the designs may made into a Swede shirt at a later date!

Charge S60 Design Amazon Swedish Flag

Where There's Smoke There's Tire

California Fire Fundraiser Results

The Smoking Tire knows great California driving roads the same way ol' Smokey knows wildfires. The recent blazes have left an immense impact on the state and the state of its automotive landscape, but thanks to your support of the Carlifornia Dreamin' shirt design in collaboration with TST, we've raised almost $19,000 for charity!

All proceeds will be going to the California Fire Foundation to help support firefighters and their communities via an array of survivor and victim assistance projects in addition to community initiatives like fire education programs.

2018 Holiday Shipping Timeline

The holidays can be full of unknowns. Are flights going to leave you stranded? Is Uncle Herb going to talk exclusively about his girlfriend? Is the heater blower going to bust again? We want the hol-tee-days to be more certain though, so you know exactly when your apexmas gifts will get across the pine. In addition to the chart above, the following list applies to US Domestic orders only and will be updated daily to reflect new designs.

Arriving by Xmas (Standard Shipping)

Not applicable

Arriving by Xmas (Priority Shipping)

Not applicable

Will Not Arrive by Xmas

Orders with these items

I'm Dreaming E30 White Dash Lit Like a Christmas Tree
California Map Dreaming Roads Winter Wonderland Ford Escort

The shift to winter weather means it's time to change more gear than just tires! While some mountain-rated rubber might help you lay down the best powdery lap time, only this holiday feast of new designs, unique apparel, and discounted accessories put the "everything" in apex everything. Make a list and check it twice, The 2018 Black Flag Friday Sale is wavin' from Friday 11/23 thru Tuesday 11/27 only.

You shirt shutterbugs must be the next Larry Chen, since you're already snapping awesome photos using blipshift tees, stickers, and posters to apex everything. Why not be rewarded for it?

Simply mention @blipshift when posting on social media and slap #ApexEverything on that bad boy, and you could earn half off* your next tee! Regardless of tagging, all posters are eligible to be contacted, but to ensure your pic doesn't become as lost as us during the first autocross run of the day, it's best to add 'em with those tags.

If it takes podium in our hearts, we'll then contact you on the respective platform to confirm and agree upon its selection, with a short form to fill out before your tee-riffic credit is issued for immediate use. In return, your Louvre-worthy pic will then be eligible to make an appearance in our daily Blipshift Updates email. Simple as that!

*$7.50 coupon value, half the retail price for a standard size Fitted tee.

26 Crisp Tees Till 11/5

Feel that cool breeze? In addition to injecting some more shove behind those boosty bois under the hood, that also means it's time for some cool tees! From Thursday, November 1 @ noon (ET) through Monday, November 5 a fall cornucopia of 26 new and newly-restomodded shirt designs are blowing through town as part of The Automn Sale. All this, plus new onesies, coasters, sickers, and more to get a head start on holiday shopping.

Included in the 26-pack is "Rain or Shine" by Jarrod Dailey, the winner of our PNW-themed Slinging in the Rain Tee Design Contest. We've also partnered with our friends at Hooniverse to show off their fancy new logo in tee form! Check out their store page for the full selection of colors.

PNW Targa Rain or Shine Hooniverse Logo Tee Black

Of course, it's not quite winter yet, so even those of us with 4 seasons still have a chance to spy some quality metal on the street. When that perfectly preserved favorite makes your day, say thanks with the Concours D'Carspotting Award Pad. A set of 25 customizable notes to award praise.