96 (Ish) Hours, 25 tees

The heat of summer has left many of us rockin' a crispy t-shirt tan and a Vitamin D surplus, but if you're looking for a way to get cool we've got your torso's back thanks to The 96 Hours of BS Sale! This weekend's tee wave is awash with 25 newly shined-up shirts, including three voted in by you the fans, plus many ace accessories. The floodgates are open Thursday, August 1 @ noon ET through Monday, August 5, so soak up the sun before it sets for good!

On top of our regularly scheduled programming, The 96 Hours of BS Sale is also beaming you the latest and greatest offerings from some of our great partners: Spike's Car Radio, The Smoking Tire, The Drive, The Warzone, Hooniverse, and Jonny Lieberman!

No BS, The Restomods are Coming

Countdown to The 96 Hours of BS Sale

What can happen in 96 hours? Well, you could watch the fastest F1 pit stop 183,829 times. Or drag a Yugo up to 60mph 21,600 times. But why would you when you could grab one over two dozen newly resto-modded tee designs in The 96 Hours of BS Sale! From Thursday, August 1 @ noon ET thru Monday, August 5, we've slapped a new coat of paint on a whole car show's worth of apparel designs, with some even available in a summer-ready tank top. The camo wraps come off soon, but can you guess any?

2019 96 Hour Sale Pixelated Grid

Of course, no auto reveal would be complete without some leaks. In this case, it's this podium of designs as voted on by you as part of our daily giveaway! These three popularity contest winners will be joining the rest of the assortment hitting the asphalt later this week.

Flattitude 917 No Tire Tread on Me Hello 10mm Socket

On top of the new baby onesies, mugs, and other accessories, we're also giving away a set of LeadMans golf (more like Gulf) pencils to the first 500 qualifying orders of the sale.

LeadMans Pencils

The 96 Hours of BS Sale starts Thursday, August 1 @ noon (Eastern Time) and runs through Monday August 5.

2019-08-01 12:00:00 2019-08-05 23:59:59 America/New_York The 96 Hours of BS Sale Over two-dozen resto-modded tees and posters available for a limited time.

Dancing With The DirtFish Stars

Here Are Your Rally Awesome Winners!

The stage was sure swinging from the all the hopped-up ideas and designs submitted for the Dirt-Tee Dancing Design Contest, but only one contestant can be crowned champ.

Crack off some fireworks for Anthony McClinton, who going to up his loose surface game with a day of Dirtfish rally school! He's going all out too, driving his rally-ready WRX hatchback from Flagstaff to Whistler and back as part of his dream #roadtrip2rallyschool road trip culminating in the course.

Keep an eye on the hashtag and our social media in early July to follow along, and in the meantime you can snag the winning "Frequent Flyer" thru 6/19.

Frequent Flier

Save some sparklers for Scott Bradford and Jamie Frech too, whose dirt-ready designs earned themselves a respectable second place. With it, they side-swipe themselves some sweet BS credit, and their designs may be made into a full-fledged tee in the future.

Flat Out Subaru Design Deer Crossing Design

Boxers & Blips & Booths, Oh My!

Blipshift at Boxerfest 2019

This Sunday, June 16, York Fairgrounds will be alive with the sound of blow off valves and unequal-length headers thanks to the full day of flat celebration that is Boxerfest! Featuring an all-Subaru autocross, expansive car show, and goods from awesome vendors (and also us)!

Boxerfest Car Show


While we love t-shirts as much as the next laundry-avoidant person, every now and then we like to let loose and race with our favorite racing organization: American Endurance Racing. AER is returning to Palmer Motorsports Park this weekend, June 14-16, for a weekend of rocking endurance racing!

That being said, your favorite shirt-slingers won't be in attendance (our Miata? It looks a bit like a jigsaw puzzle). But not all hope is yet lost! We can cheer on our AER brethren with 8380's event shirt, and you can too by grabbing the official AER Palmer 2019 design until Sunday night at 11:59 ET PM!

AER Palmer

While things in the mountain can get a bit rocky, the proverbial Sherpas at Stable Motorsports will be there to lend you a hand (or sell you a HANS). So whether you'll be out there Apexing Everything at Palmer or just following along, stay in the loop with #AER19Palmer. As always, stay safe and Apex Everything in our honor!

American Endurance RacingStable Energies


Keeping Things Analogue 

Thanks to all the DIY (drive it yourself) enthusiasts who fabbed up some truly fab idea and designs for the My Self Driving Tee Design Contest with Autoblog! You all had your own way of saying no to auto-no-my, but it was "Shifty Business" by Jason Tracewell that most clicked into gear, and is available on our site from now thru May 1st.

Shifty Business

Congrats to the artist, who will be racing home with a Traxxas 4-TEC Mustang to match his own, and to the runners up: Cameron Pace and Bryan West, whose work may become the next manual tee!

Science of Shifting Do It Myself

25 Champ-tee-ons Till 4/2

Spring means it's time to put down the controller and do battle royal with some real tarmac! No matter what track you're dropping, these freshly resto-modded tees will be your wingman while you slay corners. The Apex Everything Sale includes your 4 Carch Madness champions in the loot box of 25 tees, as well as new equipment and other accessories from Thursday, March 28 @ noon ET through Monday, April 1. Game on!

Some of you may have spotted the "All Night Long" design contest winner in our squad, but it's not the only tee-sport professional playing for keeps. The Apex Everything Sale is also brought to you by partner designs from The Smoking Tire, Johnny Lieberman, and Hooniverse! Support your favorite automotive personalities with these sweet drops.

Hopefully, the only air you'll be getting on track this year will be in the form of some downforce, but just in case, consider flight-prepping your ride with the Blip Before Shift Keychain.