You shirt shutterbugs must be the next Larry Chen, since you're already snapping awesome photos using blipshift tees, stickers, and posters to apex everything. Why not be rewarded for it?

Simply mention @blipshift when posting on social media and slap #ApexEverything on that bad boy, and you could earn half off* your next tee! Regardless of tagging, all posters are eligible to be contacted, but to ensure your pic doesn't become as lost as us during the first autocross run of the day, it's best to add 'em with those tags.

If it takes podium in our hearts, we'll then contact you on the respective platform to confirm and agree upon its selection, with a short form to fill out before your tee-riffic credit is issued for immediate use. In return, your Louvre-worthy pic will then be eligible to make an appearance in our daily Blipshift Updates email. Simple as that!

*$7.50 coupon value, half the retail price for a standard size Fitted tee.

26 Crisp Tees Till 11/5

Feel that cool breeze? In addition to injecting some more shove behind those boosty bois under the hood, that also means it's time for some cool tees! From Thursday, November 1 @ noon (ET) through Monday, November 5 a fall cornucopia of 26 new and newly-restomodded shirt designs are blowing through town as part of The Automn Sale. All this, plus new onesies, coasters, sickers, and more to get a head start on holiday shopping.

Included in the 26-pack is "Rain or Shine" by Jarrod Dailey, the winner of our PNW-themed Slinging in the Rain Tee Design Contest. We've also partnered with our friends at Hooniverse to show off their fancy new logo in tee form! Check out their store page for the full selection of colors.

PNW Targa Rain or Shine Hooniverse Logo Tee Black

Of course, it's not quite winter yet, so even those of us with 4 seasons still have a chance to spy some quality metal on the street. When that perfectly preserved favorite makes your day, say thanks with the Concours D'Carspotting Award Pad. A set of 25 customizable notes to award praise.

Time to Shift into Automn

Countdown to The Automn Sale

That crisp, boost-happy air means it's time for the leaves to go home and change. They're not the only ones who should consider swapping their layers though. That's because we're getting nostalgic and bringing back 26 new and resto-modded shirt designs as part of The Automn Sale! Mark your soon-to-be-obsolete 2018 calendars, as from Thursday, November 1 @ noon ET thru Monday, November 5, a fresh fall wardrobe of tees are looking for torsos to cozy up to. Spot any of your favorites from these camoed spy shots?

Automn Sale Pixelated Grid

It's not just big kid torsos getting a fresh coat of paint either: we've also gone Honey I Shrunk the Blips and zapped into existence a hot batch of Formula Onesie designs. That's in addition to new stickers, socks, and other to-be-unveiled swag.

The Automn Sale Sale starts Thursday, November 1 @ noon ET and runs through Monday November 5.

2018-11-01 12:00:00 2018-11-05 23:59:59 America/New_York The Automn Sale 26 resto-modded tees and more available for a limited time.

A family-owned cinema meant that Scott was constantly immersed in film, so when the golden age of movie cars rolled onto reel with favourites like KITT and the DeLorean, his love for the automobile was kick-started along with it. Now attacking the Canadian wonderland with his appropriately named "Blizzard" Focus ST, his long career in design and continued enthusiasm is vividly reflected with designs like "Class Clown", "Greetings From Italy II", and "Symbiotic".

Scott hit pause to answer a few questions:

26 Nif-tee Designs Till 7/30

96 hours. 26 shirts. One chance to catch 'em all before the checkered flag drops! A whole collector garage worth of new and newly resto-modded designs are parading the shirt circuit from Thursday, July 26 @ noon EDT through Monday, July 30 as part of The 96 Hours of BS Sale! Onesies and tank tops are also making their debut among a host of new swag, so there are more ways than ever to get your shift on.


Approaching The Hours of Power

Countdown to The 96 Hours of BS Sale

A lot can happen in 96 hours. You could walk the length of the Nurburgring 19 times. Or marathon all the Fast & Furious films 6 times. Or snag 26 new and resto-modded shirt designs in The 96 Hours of BS Sale! That's right, from Thursday, July 26 @ noon ET thru Monday, July 30, a whole closet's worth of tees are looking for upper bodies to cover. Ok technically that's 108h, but when you're talking about soft cotton awesomeness who's really counting?

See any of your favorites before the spy camo comes off?

96h of BS Sale Pixelated Grid

Of course, the littlest of apexers need racing attire too. The in-office shrink ray took a break from making mini cupcakes out of regular cupcakes to mini-ify 4 torso-tastic designs into Formula Onesies! Available as part of the 96h of BS lineup, these baby driver race suits are sized from newborn to 24mo, with three quick release snaps at the rear for speedy pit stops.

Formula Baby Onesies

More accessories and stickers are also on the way, and the first 400 qualifying orders of the sale can nab a FREE Wheel in The Sky Flying Disc for their drag-strip reflexes. 9" wide and 68g, so while not Ultimate legal it will still flatter your throw.

Wheel in the Sky Flying Disc

The 96 Hours of BS Sale starts Thursday, July 26 @ noon ET and runs through Monday July 30.

2018-07-26 12:00:00 2018-07-30 23:59:59 America/New_York 2018 96 Hours of BS 26 resto-modded tees and posters available for a limited time.

Extended Artist Bio: Jack Yu

Jack loves to make the most of of his motoring, whether that's travelling the continent and playing twourist on his owned-since-new Honda Shadow, or kicking asphalt in his track and autocross-ready E46 M3. A software developer by day for his co-founded healthcare startup, by night Jack can be found designing other soft ware like "Own The Night" and "Air & Water".

Jack came into the pits to answer a few questions: