27 Spiffy Shirts Till 4/3

Time to do some spring wardrobe cleaning 'cause there's a whole race team's worth of potential apexing uniforms coming in hot. 27 new and resto-modded designs are hitting the tee circuit from Thursday, March 29 @ noon EDT through Monday, April 2. So buckle up and report to staging, The Apex Everything Sale begins now!

Bringing The Bestomods

Track season is in the air, that time of year when the crisp winter chill is swapped out along with your snow tires for a bouquet of fresh fluids and sticky rubber. And if you’re prepping your ride for ultimate performance, why not your torso? Perfect timing 'cause there's gonna be a concours' worth of tees in The Apex Everything Sale! From Thursday, March 29 @ noon thru Monday, April 2, 25+ bestomodded designs make a comeback for for your winter weary upper body. Spot any of your favorites before the car covers come off?

Apex Everything Sale Pixelated Grid

Here's Your Po-tee-um

GG to all the apex-worthy ideas and design submitted to the Sim For The Win Tee Design Contest in partnership with the sim wizards at iRacing! It was a pretty full grid to choose a winner from but congrats goes to Juan Lopez, whose 3-screened design submission was given a tuneup to become the "Speed Test" design you see here! The design is only available thru 3/8, so snag yours quick to show your love for all things e-racing.

Speed Test iRacing Design

Save some champagne for Brandon Wagner and Ed Carpenter too, who landed a spot on the podium with their own takes on nailing those virtual apexes. Not only did their runner-up status score some fine BS and iRacing credit, but the designs may made into a sweet shirt at a later date!

Bucket List Track Maps Sim Racer VR Headset

We reached out to find the coolest car enthusiast spots along I-95, and boy did you all deliver! We wish we coulda have taken some extra days to keep exploring more, but the t-shirts were a-calling. The destination was the Rolex 24H at Daytona to watch some non-stop race action, so we loaded up on spots from museums to beer gardens to stop at.

You'll find a collection of some of our favorite photos we took along the way. Plus you can grab wallpapers of them for your desktop and mobile to apex everything.

Shots taken at Classic Car Club Manhattan, Simeone Foundation Automotive Museum, South Jersey Classics, Japanese Classics, Road Scholars, Daytona International Speedway, RK MotorsBimmerworld, and Duncan Imports.

Extended Artist Bio: André Shikay

André Shikay

There's little doubt that André Shikay has been bitten by the Subie strain of the car guy bug, whether that's in rotating his continuously-modified GC Impreza through show car/track car/rally car duty, or administering and pulling events together for the Brazilian Subaru Club. With the dream car being something even more Fast & Furious, for now André harnesses the skills from his detail-driven design day job into classic tees like "Gunnitt", "Driver's Ed", and "16 Candles".

André stayed out of spool to answer some questions:

1,000 Miles to Apex

Team blipshift is going away to the land of alligators and OJ for a 24h endurance race at… Daaaytooonaaa! Starting Thursday, January 25, human forms of blipshift will be hitting the asphalt from NYC to Florida for The Great Enthusiast Road Trip.

Great Enthusiast Road Trip


The 2017 Shiftee Awards

Roll out the red dash mats and pop open a fresh bottle of 10W30, because the freshest blipshift tees are struttin' their stuff in celebration of the many awesome artists and idea guys n' gals behind them. Looking back at the hundreds of awesome tees that hit the spotlight this year, these are the works of art that scored the Golden Torso.

shiftee bust

The Stage 2 Award

Design Most likely to return in 2018

Surf Sun & Stance Bus

Surf Sun & Stance
by Micheal Castiglione

Runners Up

Sideways & Smiling - Tayden Castiglione
Hipster - 4tich

shiftee bust

The +5HP Award

Tee most likely to be made a sticker

Tune It Out

Tune It Out
by Ian Jennings

Runners Up

To Spec - Antonio Smith
I Feel Good - team blipshift