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Westward Bound

by Jon Sheahan
It is one of life's great ironies that the utilitarian uber engineered vehicles that came out of West Germany would be the very thing that beatnicks and hippies would flock to. We're happy to perpetuate the stereotype if it means keeping these cool vans flying under the radar.
Shirt Color: Cool Coastline Blue
Sale ended: 01-03-2020
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Artist Specs
Artist Profile
Jon is a multi-disciplined designer with a blood stream of half caffeine, half petrol. His first words were car related. A love of all things automotive, he believes in a ‘built not bought’ mentality and has an infatuation with 80’s and 90’s motorsport. When not designing, Jon can usually be found at a trackday or throwing spanners at an old VW of some description - usually his Mk2 Golf GTI.