Time For Some Spring Tee-Ning

Countdown to The Apex Everything Sale

It's time to spring into action and Marie Kondo those t-shirt drawers. From Thursday, March 28 @ noon ET thru Monday, April 1, we're sparking joy by bringing back over two-dozen of your favorite tee designs as part of The Apex Everything Sale! And even better, all designs will also be available in our super-comfy Tri-Blend tee option.

Can you guess any before the car covers come comes off?

Apex Everything 2019 Pixelated Grid

Not everything is under wraps this time around, as the sale lineup also consists of the Final Four as voted by you the fans with Carch Madness. From the initial 16 contestants, you selected this team to make a comeback starting on Thursday!

Carch Madness 2002 Carch Madness Torque Wrench
Unshakeable Carch Madness Toasted Brakes Carch Madness

Of course, the team wouldn't be complete without new stickers, onesies, Wall Art, and more! This includes the fly "Blip Before Shift" keychain, which will be given gratis to the first 400 qualifying orders of the sale.

Blip Before Shift Keychains

The Apex Everything Sale starts Thursday, March 28 @ noon (Eastern Time) and runs through Monday April 1.

2019-03-28 12:00:00 2019-04-01 23:59:59 America/New_York The Apex Everything Sale Over two-dozen resto-modded tees and posters available for a limited time.

A New Kind of Bracket Racing

The BSAA (Blipshift Apparel Administration) needs your help! There are only 4 coveted slots left on our team of 25+ shirts getting a rebound in The Apex Everything Sale at the end of the month, and it's up to you to vote for who stays and who goes.

Carch Madness Bracket 0

Every weekday from now until March 22, we'll be laying up a new pair of potential tees, for a total of 12 rounds. The images for each design represent the final jersey they'd don in the sale, so it's up to you to vote for what makes the cut and what has to go back to tryouts. So grab those clipboards and put on your best Dad hat, it's time to play coach!

And Across The Line!

Thanks to all the adrenaline-fueled idea and design submitters who laid it all on the racing line for the Open 24 Hours Tee Design Contest! The driving was close, where it was ultimately "All Night Long" that pulled ahead and took the podium.

Congra-tee-lations to Chris Holewski, who'll be driving home with a day of racing school thanks to partnership with the fellow apexers at Skip Barber Racing School and Racer Magazine. Look for the design to hit shirt shelves on March 28.

All Night Long

Better save some champagne for Markus Lewtschuk and Simon Gutkovich too, whose works scored them runner-up status! They swiped some sweet BS credit, and their designs may be made into a full-fledged tee in the future.

LeMans Netflix Open 24 Hours Compilation

BS Tees Now With Tri Power

Extra Ways to Apex Everything

No, we're not talking about those elfish triangles, 70's soul groups, or three-barrel carburetors. We're talking about the Next Level Tri-Blend tee, now available as an option across all of our designs!

25 To Schleife Tri Blend

So what's the deal? These super-soft hipster-friendly tees are made from 50% polyester, 25% cotton, and 25% rayon, with a subtle weave pattern similar to our heather grey tee. Color options are somewhat different than the Fitted and Heavy Duty options, so be sure to check the slice at the bottom of a design page to see how it compares.

Sizing is almost identical to that of the Fitted style, but with a bit more of a "drape" and stretch to the fabric to show off those gains at the tuning shop.

25 To Schleife Tri Blend Tee Mockup

The 2018 Shiftee Awards

Time to bust out the red floor mats and put on your best racing suit, as the freshest and finest blipshift tees are strutting their stuff on the track walk for The Shiftee Awards! As we look back on the many artist and idea guys n' gals that made our lineup for the year possible, it was these works that took "apex everything" to heart and scored the Golden Torso.

The T-Shirt Drawer of Fame

Staff Picks From the Year

Apex Everything 80s

As a huge fan of the synthwave music genre, this spectacularly 80's tee was a match made in torso heaven. The artist really knocked it out of the park to the point that it also set the stage for the equally-awesome 70's version and others to come.



Rarely does a design call out so forcefully to me. Up there with Rick Springfield's "Working Class Dog," the Llamaghini shows that anything is possible with the right animal. Much like determining the difference between a llama and alpaca, satire is a tricky game, but the Llamaghini delivered perfectly.


Fully Charged Into The Future

Thanks to all who submitted their amped-up ideas and designs to the Charge Into The Future Tee Design Contest in partnership with Volvo! It was a boxy grid full of awesome concepts to choose from, but congrats go out to Ian McLaughlin whose line-drawing lineup of iconic wagons became the "Safe at Any Speed" design you see here. That means he snags a jam-packed trip to Sweden in the New Year!

Safe At Any Speed Volvo Design

Save some applause for Chris Suan and Sean Zeeck too, whose designs had some current of their own, landing them spots as runners up. That means they scored some fine BS credit, but the designs may made into a Swede shirt at a later date!

Charge S60 Design Amazon Swedish Flag

Where There's Smoke There's Tire

California Fire Fundraiser Results

The Smoking Tire knows great California driving roads the same way ol' Smokey knows wildfires. The recent blazes have left an immense impact on the state and the state of its automotive landscape, but thanks to your support of the Carlifornia Dreamin' shirt design in collaboration with TST, we've raised almost $19,000 for charity!

All proceeds will be going to the California Fire Foundation to help support firefighters and their communities via an array of survivor and victim assistance projects in addition to community initiatives like fire education programs.