Apex Endurance Racing

We're back baby! The lil' blipshift #65 Miata is ready to run a two-day marathon after its heart transplant and track prep. Watch for us making buzzy racecar noises while being passed at Watkins Glen on April 21-22 for the second American Endurance Racing event of the 2018 season!

AER Blipshift Miata

Gonna to be at the race? Wear your copy of the official AER Watkins Glen tee and come find us (likely) in the pits, as we may have some swag and sweaty high fives for ya. Need a spare race-ready tee? Get one sent directly to your door (not delivered by racecar, unfortunately) when you order online. The sale for the AER - Watkins Glen tee ends on 4/20.

Blipshift AER Bus Stop Tee

And if you need parts at The Glen, make sure to hit up our shop partner Stable Energies. Not only did they get the blipshiftmobile set up and ready to kick asphalt, but they can also ship parts from their store directly to The Glen for when your stash of zip ties and chewing gum runs out.

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