26 Nif-tee Designs Till 7/30

96 hours. 26 shirts. One chance to catch 'em all before the checkered flag drops! A whole collector garage worth of new and newly resto-modded designs are parading the shirt circuit from Thursday, July 26 @ noon EDT through Monday, July 30 as part of The 96 Hours of BS Sale! Onesies and tank tops are also making their debut among a host of new swag, so there are more ways than ever to get your shift on.

Included in the 26-pack are a dynamic duo of cotton crusaders which were chosen as recent tee design contest winners! Nathan-Avots Smith snags some spending cash and free event tickets from Bimmerworld for his "Leadfoot to Temptation" design, while Fernando Pino earned himself a TRX-4 Land Rover from Traxxas for his fully awesome "Roving" art.

Bimmerworld Gauge Angel Devil Roving Land Rover Topography

These tees are just begging to hit the beach, but no sandy shenanigans are complete without flying objects. Weighing 68g and with a 9" diameter, your UItimate ref is gonna call foul, but the basketweave-inspired Wheel in the Sky Flying Disc still soars. Get it before it flies off the shelf!

If your clutch dump technique leads to a clean launch on green, you might just get one for free! The first 400 qualifying orders* will score a complimentary flying disc to throw at dogs and others who are easily entertained. But don't forget to add the the Wheel in the Sky Flying Disc to your cart before checking out! SOLD OUT.

*Any in-stock apparel item or accessory $15 and above.

Moar Ways to Apex

More than just tees, The 96 Hours of BS Sale is bringing you two new ways to put the "everything" in Apex Everything with Onesies and Mens Tanks available in select designs.

Onesie Funsie

Make sure your baby driver has proper track attire with Formula Onesie. 4 kid-friendly designs featuring three snaps at the base in case of P1. Available in newborn thru 24 months sizes.

Top Tanks

At the gym and the dyno, you can't have extra weight ruining your gains. That's why "Don't Skip" is also available in a Men's Tank. Sizing is similar to a Fitted Tee but 1/2" longer and with 1/2" less chest width.

Leg Day Tanks

Moar Cool Shift

Even more petrolhead paraphernalia to add a lil' blip anywhere with a new batch of coasters and newly-stickerized designs.

New Rubber

Upgrade your drink coasters to r-comps with our new line of Go-ster Coasters made of recycled tires! 3.5" flexible surface in a set of 4 wheelie cool designs.

A Lot of Stick

Re-livery some flat surfaces with a new batch of 2D sticky goodness based on popular tees. Available individually and in select bundles on the sticker page.

New 96 Hours of BS Stickers

Wall Art 2: Wall Harder

Bring your pocket squares and the bubbly stuff, the blipshift gallery is about to stage another opening with a new and improved assortment of Wall Art to join the existing collection. Show your love for all things gasoline-burning with a line of unique and one-off designs that you'll likely never see on tees. Prints feature larger and more intricate artwork than standard poster offerings, with selected works being hand-numbered and signed by the artist for the ultimate "I know what I have" statement.

Moar Bonus

If you're trying to win over your significant other, don't forget that for every 5 qualifying items* you get a bonus tee! ($15 value). Coupons will be sent via email on 8/3/18, and are valid until 10/31/18.

If that wasn't enough, US domestic orders of 3 or more* ship for free!

*Any in-stock apparel item or accessory $15 and above.