25+ New Layers Till 10/30

Gotta love Fall. And no, we're not talking about Autumn with the itchy sweaters, smoky campfires, and pumpkin-flavored novelties. We're talking about the mystical boost season of Automn, when the air temps are cool but the asphalt is still hot enough to hoon! The only thing better than the changing of leaves is the changing of tees, which is why we've raked in a huge pile of 25+ resto-modded shirt classics, as well as a host of other new car-cessories. The Automn Sale begins Thursday October 26 @ noon EST through Monday, October 30.

Automn Sale Grid

In addition to winterizing some popular designs with a tune up and new coat of paint, we're also ripping the car covers off three completely new tees making their debut during the sale with "ThoroughBREd", "Action Hero", and "Enough Horsepower". Get 'em before they go into the garage for good!

Thoroughtbred BRE Action Hero Comic NA NB NC ND Sunoco 917 P-car

Strap on your helmet before the end of the race season and get ready to Apex Everything, as the fastest clickers might just snag a copy of our Apex Everything License Plate Frame! We’re giving away 500 to the first qualifying orders* that add one to their cart and cross the checkout finish line. Discount appears in cart if eligible. Freebies gone.

Took a cozy Fall nap and missed out? No sweat, you'll also be able to purchase them separately while quantities last.

*Any in-stock apparel item or accessory $15 and above.

Hanging. Redefined

A bored intern at blipshift decided the centuries-old hanger could really stand to Apex Everything, and what better way to do so than to CNC and anodise a solid piece of aircraft-grade aluminum into the hefty HANG R. The most race-ready and high-performance hanger to apex your closet. Does it do the job any better than a wire hanger? Probably not, but do you want one anyways? Better decide quick, as the Launch Edition run will be limited to just 20 units.

Blip With Stick

Awesome art coverage doesn't have to stop with your torso, as we've also stickerized some top tees for flat surface dominance. Each is available individually and in select bundles.

Moar Bonus

Trying to rationalize that last addition to your wardrobe? Well for every 5 qualifying items* you get a bonus tee! ($15 value). Coupons will be sent via email on 11/03/17, and are valid from 11/03/17 to 02/28/17.

And don't forget US domestic orders of 3 or more* ship for free!

*Any in-stock apparel item or accessory $15 and above.