1,000 Miles to Apex

Team blipshift is going away to the land of alligators and OJ for a 24h endurance race at… Daaaytooonaaa! Starting Thursday, January 25, human forms of blipshift will be hitting the asphalt from NYC to Florida for The Great Enthusiast Road Trip.

Great Enthusiast Road Trip

So what's in store on the road to Daytona? Well that's where you - wearer of torso covering awesomeness - come in 'cause we're looking for ideas of the most bestest gearhead destinations in the states of NJ, PA, NC, SC, GA, and FL of course. We're talkin':

  • Food: We gotta fill our tanks with something besides gas station sushi, so what local gems should we hit up instead?
  • Roads: Might as well find great driving roads to test the limits of our snow-tired minivan.
  • Landmarks: Should we stop by the home of the largest pickle jar? How about where they filmed [Insert Car Video Here]? Let us know what insta-worthy stuff we can't miss.
  • Museums: Any automotive-themed museums we just gotta hit up along the way?
  • Car Enthusiasm: Got a friend with a collection of Geo Metros? A walk-in-closet full of BS? A V12 lawnmower being built in a shed? Let us know what examples of enthusiasm other gearheads just gotta see.
  • You: Wanna show off your ride? Or just grab a beer? If you ever wanted to meet some average folks with a taste for terrible puns, now's your chance.

Leave your idea as a comment on whatever social media post brought you here. We'll reply in some fashion if it gets chosen to be a part of the route, and this post will be updated with a daily itinerary. If you’re gonna be at the Rolex 24, follow us on Instagram to maybe dive bomb us as we hit the apex on the way to the hot dog stand.

Let's Apex Everything!

January 25 Itinerary

Manhattan, NY - Raleigh, NC

  1. Classic Car Club Manhattan
  2. Simeone Museum
  3. South Jersey Classics
  4. Japanese Classics LLC
  5. Wanna Meetup? - 9-11pm @ Raleigh Beer Garden - Meet and greet the the bozos of team blipshift at this garden of brew, where we might be willing to trade random swag for beers. Let us know if you're coming as a comment to this post or on our socials!

January 26 Itinerary

Raleigh, NC - Daytona Beach, FL

  1. Road Scholars Restorations
  2. Daytona!
  3. Wanna Meetup (again)? - 9-11pm @ Neptunes Sports Pub - Couldn't make the NC meetup? Here's another chance to chill with the bs knuckleheads! Let us know if you're gonna come as a comment to this post or on social media.