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Update 4/24/20: The Apex Everything Sale is live! Due to the ongoing impact to our operations, the sale has been "flattned" and spread over the next 5 weekends. Read more about it on the sale blog post.

Update 4/23/20: Due to increased volume across the postal system, delays of 1-2 days are expected over normal service.


Flatten the curve. Feels like we are hearing that a lot lately. And while all of us would prefer doing that on a track and over some kerbing, it looks like for the foreseeable future this is going to happen sans a speedy vehicle. Yup, even automotive-inspired torso covering awesomeness is feeling the effects of the Coronavirus. Probably like you, we’ve made some changes to how we’re keeping the lights on, virtually, and safely. So here is what’s going on…

How is BS impacted

The good news is that, for now, we’re still designing, printing and shipping daily torso covering awesomeness. While we’re located in Queens, NY, we’re able to run most of the business in that crazy cloud. Our apparel is printed in South Carolina and the production facility is running.

What our team is doing

Team BS is following the guidance from the State & City of NY and CDC in regards to avoiding non-essential travel, working from home and social distancing - happily between certain team members who can’t agree if a 996 is worthy of garage consideration. Our onsite fulfillment team has been limited to a single staff member at BS HQ and is adhering to common sense cleanliness practices including not using mass transit, frequent hand washing, sanitizing of work surfaces and high traffic areas/doorknobs/light switches, and ensuring no direct interaction with anyone from the outside during deliveries & pickups. And in case you're wondering, this super-packer’s daily route is: home->car->parking->BS HQ. No random pickups for discounted carpool lanes! Because we are leveraging the power of Al Gore’s interwebs, we are still able to review design/idea submissions, answer customer support cases, and yes, offer a new daily design.

What about the Apex Everything Sale?

The Apex Everything Sale typically runs in early April, but that plan has been overcome by events. Instead of one humongous sale, we've now split The Apex Everything Sale into 5 weekends worth of content, with a new lineup each week from April 24 - May 25. More up-to-date details on our blog post.

So, if you’re stuck at home, or at your desk in isolation, you can still check back with us to see the latest torso-tastic design. It might even be a good time to catch up on some reading (car forums), spend time with your family or pick up a wrench to work on that neglected project sitting in your garage. This is all a good reminder that Mom is always right, wash your hands and keep your fingers out of your nose!

Stay safe, and dream of Apexing Everything,

team blipshift

Circuits and courts may be as empty as Z successor rumors, but while it's a tough time to be a sports fan — motor or otherwise — there's still one way you can still get your NB-Apex Everything fix, and that's with Carch Madness 2020! We've reserved 4 slots on our bench of 25+ shirts getting a rebound in The Apex Everything Sale in April, and it's up to you to vote for who gets cut and who makes it to the playoffs.

Carch Madness 2020 Bracket

You get to play coach every weekday from now until March 31, where we'll be laying up 12 pairs of potential tees to choose between. Once tryouts have ended, only the most popular 4 will make the team, so vote carefully!

With a love for both self-propelled and petrol-powered transport, 'Stralian Twain Forsythe built his ace art skills from the ground up to become a veritable freelance armstrong. Though being your own boss at Nut & Bolt Design isn't always easy, it has allowed him to laser-focus on what he's most passionate about, and in the process tee-up such blipshift beauts as "GT Won", "Late Brakers", and "Work of Cart".

The 2019 Shiftee Awards

At this awards ceremony, the only thing being roasted are some tires. When it comes to apexing everything, these were the 2019 works that really took the mantra to heart. To the talented guys n' gals that made our vastly varied lineup possible, we can't promise fame or fortune, just the bragging rights that come with the imaginary Golden Torso.

The T-Shirt Drawer of Fame

Staff Picks From the Year

Day Dreaming

All too many of my high school notebooks were covered in doodles such as this, so 'Day Dreaming" clicked immediately. With the Hellcat twins as the epitome of 'if grade school was a car', the crystal-clear story was an instant sell for me, and there's so much detail in the piece to delight in.


Cup Car

I'll admit that I don't always have the best ideas. I thought 'The Nurburgring Times' shirt should have done better, but it's a bit hipstery to wear a NYT shirt I guess. But 'Cup Car', that was a solid idea, because it works on so many levels... at least two levels. So many. I have to thank André Shikay for bringing this concept to reality.


Tees, Socks, Accessories, & More!

For something as dark sounding as Black Friday, the weekend sure makes its presence known. While flashy flatscreens may be cause to pitch a tent in a parking lot, from Friday 11/29 thru Monday 12/2 Black Flag Friday brings you a crate of giftable gearhead decor, apparel, accessories, and more without the need to put on pants! It all starts with these three festive tees, which yes, are available as hoodies and long-sleeves for the ugly sweater thing.

As the holidays approach, and we near the time turn those TC knobs to snowflake, we also have time to contemplate all that we're thankful for. The blipshift family has grown this past year thanks to partnerships like these, and we're thrilled to use The Black Flag Friday Sale to feature and help support The Smoking Tire, The Warzone, The Drive, and Apex One!

For these designs and new swag detailed below, we're giving away three unique FREE Motorvational Postcard to qualifying orders*. Check in daily if you want to see what the new design is!

*Any in-stock apparel item or accessory $15 and above.

Great Designs By The Foot

Black Flag Friday brings the footsie and square footage apexing with new socks and flags.

Heel Tread on Me

What better way to stuff stockings than with sockings! 9 new race-ready designs from our friends at Heel Tread are on parade while supplies last. Sold in individual pairs.

Blipshift Track Magnets

Wrap Your Ride

We all know that the quickest way to transform the appeal of something is to give it a wrap. Which is why we've got a fresh Brapping Paper design! Sold in kit of a dozen 18x24" sheets.

Brapping Paper II

Martha Stewart + Ivan Stewart

Engine block tables are so 2008. Give your decor some bolt-ons with this cartsy artsy.

A Banner Year

We've got a lot of horsepower on tapestry thanks to this UN's worth of 8 Garage Banners featuring some of your favorite tee designs. Printed polyester, sized 26" x 36".

Time Extended

These Wall Clocks won't make you 2 seconds faster a lap, but the 8 available designs will add style to your garage or race trailer. Wood frame, 10" diameter.

That Wood Be Nice

Our friends at Lugcraft have carved up new wheel ornaments plus some fresh boards.

Tinsel of Tire

Blast through evergreens with a set of 4 wooden ornaments (or coasters if that's your thing). 3 3/4" diameter, laser-engraved birch. Hangers not included.

Board, not Bored

Link apexes at the skate park with one of 7 new designs from the Lugcraft Collection. Available as either a birch plaque or maple skateboard, trucks not included.

Blip Your Shift

If your gear could use a tuneup, add some apex with new patches and keychains!

Patch It Up

4 new patch designs may not fill in the floorboards of your LeMons car, but with many to choose from, they can fill a small hole in your style. Various sizes.

The Key to Power

If stickers add horsepower, then a keychain must also! Add a flash to your ride with the +5HP Keychain. Sold individually or mix and match with other colored straps.

Apexing: Covered

There's a chill in the air, but you can get you and your phone covered with some new kit.

Hoodies Mk2

Our hoodies had vroom for improvement, so we're rolling out a new lightweight and heavy-duty option starting with the BS Logo Hoodie! Sizing and material deets via our blog.

Just in Phone Case

Your phone goes through a lot, so give it a bit of a roll cage with our iPhone Flexi Case. 4 designs available, fits iPhone version 7-11 (these aren't the Androids you're looking for).

Shipping & Returns

Your blipshift holiday goodness will begin shipping after The Black Flag Friday Sale has ended. Accessory-only orders begin shipping the week of December 2. Orders with a tee start shipping the week of December 9 (after the entire order has been printed). If your accessory order also has another tee, it'll ship once everything is ready, so split your orders accordingly. All US Domestic orders from The Black Flag Friday Sale should arrive in time for Apex-mas, but international order are not guaranteed.

Returns are accepted until January 13, 2019. If you're having sizing problems after the big meal, apparel returns are accepted for items that remain unworn, unwashed and in original packaging. Heads up that tee exchanges are typically not possible since we print just the number of shirts sold. Return shipment fees are the responsibility of the returnee (unless it's our bad, d'oh!).

Welcome to our New Hood

T-shirts are great and all, but when you're 5 hours into a frost-filled endurance race and sitting on the cold pit floor trying to pull your car's fourth transmission, a little bit of extra heat is what you need to keep apexing. Our existing Gildan hoodie has remained unchanged since inception, and there's always the opportunity to eke out a couple of milliseconds with some new options.

These additional options aren't replacing the normal hoodie for our regularly scheduled tee designs (yet), but as part of The Black Flag Friday sale, you'll be able to select a Delta brand French terry Premium Light Weight or Heavy Duty hoodie for our blipshift logo design thru 12/2. But how do these newcomers compare to the reigning champion? See how a size Large in each fare.

Standard Weight Light Weight Heavy Weight

Starting with sizing and heft, it's no surprise that the Light Weight (blue) is both the lightest and the least bulky at 14oz. Slotting in the middle is our Standard (black) hoodie at 18.5oz, followed closely at 19oz with the Heavy Duty (grey), which does have slightly more loft. Weight will differ by size/amount of fabric compared to these larges.

Standard v Light Standard v Heavy

Should you cut this corner? Depends on what type of line you're going for. When layering the Light Weight and Heavy Duty over the Standard, you'll notice the latter has the fullest sleeves, and the widest hips, whereas the new options are much straighter in cut, and with moderately longer sleeves. Note that where the shoulder seam falls is virtually identical with the Standard and Heavy Duty but squished in slightly for the Light Weight, which would be more ideal for a smaller chest.

Light v Heavy Waist Line

Comparing the Heavy Duty and Light Weight directly, you can see the light option is near-identical in cut, but overall slimmer in proportions... like a track package! You'll also notice how the Standard hoodie is the widest option, and due to the svelte, looser material, the Light Weight falls in the middle.

Wouldn't be a hoodie comparison without some hoods up in here. Once again living up to its name, the Light Weight's single layer of terry makes it the chillest, whereas the Heavy Duty and Standard have two layers o' cotton/poly blend to the rescue. Eagle-eyed viewers will also spy how the middle seam for the Standard does not go the whole way but the Heavy Duty does, which could lead to a bulkier fit.

I spy with my little eye... eyelets! But only on the Light Weight option. The Standard hoodie does gain aglets (aka those plastic sleeve things you forgot had a name) and a more rope-like texture compared to the softer Heavy Duty.

Light v Standard Pocket Light v Heavy Pocket

This is all fine and well you say, but what about where to rest my hands when they're tired of shifting? Like the cut in general, you'll observe on the left that the Light Weight hoodie has a bit more of a tapered pocket than our Standard offering, and the Heavy Duty option takes this and simply enlarges it.

As our Mom says, it's what inside that counts. It's here you can see the largest difference between the felt-like Standard and the might-as-well-make-a-blanket-out-of-it Heavy Duty. The Light Weight is no slouch, but it will feel like a long sleeve t-shirt in comparison.

In summary, we'd think of the Heavy Duty sweater as OEM+. It's a little softer, and a little thicker than the Standard, and with a slightly straighter fit overall. The Light Weight will be your choice if you like hoodies to fit slim and are looking for a light and breathable layer. If that wasn't enough, check out the nitty-gritty specs below:

Standard Hoodie
Gildan 18500
50% Cotton / 50% Polyester

SIZE: S - M - L - XL - 2XL - 3XL
LENGTH: 27" - 28" - 29" - 30" - 31" - 32"
WIDTH: 20" - 22" - 24" - 26" - 28" - 30"

Heavy Duty Hoodie
Delta 99200
80% Cotton / 20% Polyester

SIZE: S - M - L - XL - 2XL - 3XL
LENGTH: 27" - 28" - 29" - 30" - 31" - 32"
WIDTH: 20" - 22" - 24" - 26" - 28" - 30"

Premium Light Weight Hoodie
Delta 97200
55% Cotton / 45% Polyester

SIZE: S - M - L - XL - 2XL - 3XL
LENGTH: 26.5" - 27.5" - 28.5" - 29.5" - 30.5" - 31.5"
WIDTH: 20.5" - 21.5" - 22.5" - 23.5" - 24.5" - 25.5"

Fall for The Automn Sale

25+ Tees Dropping Till 11/4

Spooky season means it's about time for your summer ride to don its ghost costume before retreating to its lair, and where the only thing scarier than a check engine haunting your dash is a soulless t-shirt drawer to fall into the changing season with. Who you gonna call? Well, us, because over 25 tee designs and a team of new accessories are busting onto the scene as part of The Automn Sale from Thursday, October 31 @ noon ET through Monday, November 4. Suck these up before they go back in the BS crypt!

If those high-octane sweets weren't enough to fill up on, The Automn Sale is also dropping new designs from our partners into your goodie bag, with new tees from Spike's Car Radio, The Smoking Tire, Hooniverse, The Drive, The Warzone, and Planet Miata!