Missing Winning

by Smoking Kills, Please Drive Safely
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It’s been a tough few years for the tifosi. It feels like every race is in Spain and the s is silent. You’re never quite sure when you’ve grazzied your last regazzi but this SFwhatever ain’t it buddy. We’re all pulling for you to get back on the top step so put the horse back before the cart and make Enzo proud.
Sale ended: 04-21-2021
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Artist Specs
Name: Smoking Kills, Please Drive Safely Location: Boston, MA Website/FB: Smoking Kills Please Drive Safely

Smoking Kills. Please Drive Safely is two motorsport addicts, Stace and Mez, who are inspired by the iconic tobacco liveries of F1, Le Mans, and WRC. Their designs blend familiar elements that tifosi and other car enthusiasts instantly recognize.

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