No Diagonals

by Germán Ferreira
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There are times to think outside the box, and yet some of the great works of our time were born from limitation. Trends and safety standards change, but 90 degree angles are always a right answer.
Sale ended: 07-27-2021
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Artist Specs
Name: Germán Ferreira Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina Website/FB: @modelo81.ilustracion

Germán is an Argentine who loves to analyze, communicate and draw. Today he works as a UX designer and researcher, reading everything he can about automotive design, history, safety, and sociology. He drew throughout his childhood and abandoned it when he "became" an adult, but recently took up the pencil again and started drawing old local daily cars on his Instagram account. There is a lot to draw and tell; many times about common cars, which, even being tools, are capable of creating deep stories in people.

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