Asphalt RR-tist

by Chris Holewski
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A fine-tipped brush painting a racing line through the apexes, it's purposeful asymmetry and meteoric output juxtaposes the ease of use from behind the bars. It's no learner bike, but a bevy of rider aides and smooth power delivery can make an artist out of anybody.
Sale ended: 01-27-2021
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Artist Specs
Name: Chris Holewski Location: Branchburg, NJ Website/FB: Manual Designs

Chris Holewski can say it and spray it thanks to careers as both an Art Director and stencil artist; whether he’s creating branding for clients ranging from offroad magazines to pharmaceutical companies, or spraying down his varied project vehicles in addition to his automotive stencil designs. It's these hand-painted works that have formed the basis for some classic tees more!

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