The day after Turkey Day is almost here and unless there's an asteroid hurtling towards earth that John McLane fails to blast into pieces, it's gonna happen*. Best just to accept your over-sized portion of mashed & stuffing and get on with it. Spoon some extra gravy on yer plate 'cause gooey brown flavoring might help dull the sound coming from the nearest relative at the table. (*Movie reference could be slightly off, but you get the idea.) 

Black Flag Friday

The good news for you is that team blipshift has been called into the pits for Black Flag Friday and we're working all holiday weekend to bring back 20 restomodded & brand spankin' new designs! This Shirtload Of Shirts will be released on Turkey Day, November 27 @ 10PM EST and will be locked back in the storage shed Monday night, December 1 @ 10PM EST. That's 96 hours of shirt slinging mayhem!

We've got new accessory technology... and stuff

We put our best minds on engineering the finest in automotive accessories. That means the BS intern has been burning the midnight oil. So what did he think of? A 710 bag, of course. Stretchy neoprene goodness, nylon lined to keep your most important fluids at the ready. We definitely don't want your finest 710 sloshing around the back of your trunk, so it's got some Velcro stickiness on the backside (sticktion level depends on your trunk's lining). It also perfectly holds a spray bottle of your favorite detailer plus chamois, or use it store a radar detector, GoPro, etc. Available for ordering once the black flag waves for the BFF.

Holidays are tie-ring, get a boost

It takes a lot of work to make it through the holiday season. Sure, you could down another shot of your favorite energy drink. Or, you could simply give yourself a boost by looking down at your Turbo Tie. Starting Thursday night, Turbo Ties will be available in three empowering colors!

Want More?

The first 500 orders of the 2014 BFF for apparel or accessories will also get a special BS bonus! Want more bonus? Every 5 shirts you order gets you a coupon for a free shirt on a future order! Stay tuned for that and more BFF announcements on Facebook or Twitter, or sign up for blipshift email Updates for the latest deets. If you find yourself on a long line outside of an office supply store Thursday night, no worries 'cause we're mobile optimized as well.