25 Champ-tee-ons Till 4/2

Spring means it's time to put down the controller and do battle royal with some real tarmac! No matter what track you're dropping, these freshly resto-modded tees will be your wingman while you slay corners. The Apex Everything Sale includes your 4 Carch Madness champions in the loot box of 25 tees, as well as new equipment and other accessories from Thursday, March 28 @ noon ET through Monday, April 1. Game on!

Some of you may have spotted the "All Night Long" design contest winner in our squad, but it's not the only tee-sport professional playing for keeps. The Apex Everything Sale is also brought to you by partner designs from The Smoking Tire, Jonny Lieberman, and Hooniverse! Support your favorite automotive personalities with these sweet drops.

Hopefully, the only air you'll be getting on track this year will be in the form of some downforce, but just in case, consider flight-prepping your ride with the Blip Before Shift Keychain.

We'll be gifting them FREE as victory banners for the first 400 qualifying orders*, so don't take too long to loot before the key ring deadline closes in. You must add the keychain to your cart before checking out! FREEBIES GONE! Limited quantities also available for purchase once the freebies have vanished.

*Any in-stock apparel item or accessory $15 and above.

Fill 'er Up, High Octane

Whether filling up your ride or your getting your own fill of caffeine, here's the fluid fix.

Cars & Caffeine

Resist pinging throughout the day and fill up with the strong stuff thanks to the 100 Octane Mug. Not guaranteed to add horsepower, but it will add style points.

Log It & Load It

There are some things a spreadsheet can remember. But for everything else, there's Petrolog. Record your PSI, MPG, KDR and more in a glovebox-ready form.

Change The 710

If both your wardrobe and your motor could use a flush, begin the season fresh with a new polo design and more.

Oil Be Back

We all know swapping some fresh blood in your car's heart is the best way to keep it ticking, but to keep things right-side up in your head, slap on the 710 Window Cling.

Los Polo Germanos

Apex everything from the links to the lake house with the 710 Polo. Fit is slightly larger than a standard tee of the same size, so if in doubt order a size down!

710 Polo

Moar Motoring Swag

The second dimension deserves some awesome automotive artwork too.

Fun in the Onesie

The season new life brings you a bundle of joy with these new Formula Onesie designs! 5 unique prints to start your lil' apexer on the right track.

New Stickers

A tasty new batch o' sticky goodness has been baked up, based on old and recently resto-modded tees. Available individually and in select bundles on the sticker page.

Wall Art 3: Revolutions (Per Minute)

Blockbuster sequel season brings you 4 new prints to jazz up any unloved flat surface, now featuring (literal) poster cars in a larger and more detailed format than the standard tee-based poster offerings. See the catalog on the Wall Art page.

Moar Bonus

Trying to rationalize that last addition to your wardrobe? Well for every 5 qualifying items* you get a bonus tee! ($15 value). Coupons will be sent via email on 4/5/19, and are valid from 4/5/19 to 7/15/19.

And don't forget: US domestic orders of 3 or more* ship for free!

*Any in-stock apparel item or accessory $15 and above.