Ariel Atom Factory Warehouse Ariel Atom Carbon Fiber Nose

We dropped in our friends at TMI AutoTech aka Ariel North America. Tour of the factory and Atom / Nomad rides? Yes please...

Green Ariel Atom

We were pretty green with envy at this point.

Atom Interior Gauges

Digital cluster? Check. Removable wheel? Check. Feels like a racecar? Double check.

Ariel Atom Tube Frame Chassis

You can order your Ariel in a variety of colours. We like the cut of this customer's jib.

Ariel Nomad Nomad on the Road

We concluded the day with a Nomad ride-along because we asked super nicely. Only downside is now we can't stop daydreaming about one...

Nomad Test Ride

We never went faster than 30mph officer.