Congrats on scoring a Surprised Cone Bricks kit! You have enough parts to create 5 scale surprised cones.

Here are some tips on assembling them. 

STEP 1: Assemble Cones

Take one base piece and attach one cone piece. Repeat 5x. 


STEP 2: Apply Water Transfer Decals

Carefully cut out each face. Keep the eyes and mouth together. Don't worry, kits include one extra decal for practice. 

One at a time, dip a cut decal into clean water for 15-20 seconds. 

Remove from water and gently slide the decal off the paper backing. While wet you can reposition as desired. Carefully blot any excess water with the tip of a paper towel or a q-tip. 


Repeat these steps for all other cones.

Allow to fully air dry for a few hours then enjoy!