A New Kind of Bracket Racing

The BSAA (Blipshift Apparel Administration) needs your help! There are only 4 coveted slots left on our team of 25+ shirts getting a rebound in The Apex Everything Sale at the end of the month, and it's up to you to vote for who stays and who goes.

Carch Madness Bracket

Every weekday from now until March 22, we'll be laying up a new pair of potential tees, for a total of 12 rounds. The images for each design represent the final jersey they'd don in the sale, so it's up to you to vote for what makes the cut and what has to go back to tryouts. So grab those clipboards and put on your best Dad hat, it's time to play coach!

Your Final Pick

BMW Winner

Your Third Pick

Garage Winner

Your Second Pick

Porsche Winner

Your First Pick

Track Winner