You Asked, We Masked

Most of us wouldn't take our stripped-out race car camping, nor would we take our Cheerio-covered minivan around the Nurburgring. We're all about simplifying and adding lightness, but there are times when more is an equally valid option. That's why most current face masks are now also available in a 2-layer variant!

Face Mask Comparison

The same fit, stretch, and feel as our current face masks that your schnoz knows and loves, but with an additional cotton layer on the inside – in black or white to match the respective elastic color – and a pocket in the middle that allows you to add your own additional filter on top of the passive barrier.

Designs for all masks printed on a layer of antimicrobial treated polyester/spandex. These are not medical masks so if you're going to perform brain surgery, study hard and go to med school instead. Will not kill germs. Bathing in ethanol might but please don't do that. This mask is a super stylish simple barrier to help contain exhalations, sneezes and coughs for when you can't hold back high-velocity bodily excretions. A mask may help lower the risk of infection and combining that with social distancing is even better. Extra bonus if you must keep your distance from "friends" or the in-laws.