And Across The Line!

Thanks to all the adrenaline-fueled idea and design submitters who laid it all on the racing line for the Open 24 Hours Tee Design Contest! The driving was close, where it was ultimately "All Night Long" that pulled ahead and took the podium.

Congra-tee-lations to Chris Holewski, who'll be driving home with a day of racing school thanks to partnership with the fellow apexers at Skip Barber Racing School and Racer Magazine. Look for the design to hit shirt shelves on March 28.

All Night Long

Better save some champagne for Markus Lewtschuk and Simon Gutkovich too, whose works scored them runner-up status! They swiped some sweet BS credit, and their designs may be made into a full-fledged tee in the future.

LeMans Netflix Open 24 Hours Compilation