The blipshift iMessage sticker pack

Apex Everything... yup, even your text messages. Based off of blipshift's torso-busting t-shirt designs, these iMessage stickers (here's how to use iMessage apps) let your friends really know how you wheel.

Find yourself rolling your eyes while your buddy is telling his story about how he woulda been faster on his last lap but for the other? Skip the words, and tell him you're

Your better half telling you to take out the garbage right now? It's a good time to say

(Safety first, send the message from a locked bathroom!)

Download the FREE iMessage sticker pack on the Apple App Store (Android users, we feel your pain). New stickers will be added with updates so you'll be sure to tune your messages for optimum performance!

blipmoji includes 25 stickers created by blipshift featured artists like

  • Collin Mooney
  • Brian Costello
  • Dane Arnold
  • Aaron Hillsdon
  • Josh Mussell
  • Eric Wildt
  • Eugene Fong
  • Ben van Antwerp
  • Jared Gant
  • Matt Cocola
  • Chris Alexander
  • team blipshift

Have an idea for a sticker (or tee) design? Submit your designs or ideas at

Apex Everything™. 




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