Artist FAQ
Submit a Design
Submit an Idea
Submit a Design

Think of an Idea
We have no imagination and our racecar budget depends on your ideas! A blip-tastic idea is one with a clear story that gearheads and enthusiasts will understand and appreciate. Hear crickets? Have a gander at our Garage to get a sense of what we look for.
Sketch Your Idea Out
Use your mad computer skillz to translate that ingenious idea into a complete design. We're not too picky about art programs (we know you'd rather buy that turbo kit anyways), but design submissions should comply to these standards:
    • Max 12.5 x 14 inches, sized to 300dpi at print size.
    • 6 spot colors or less, not including the shirt.
    • Your background/shirt color should be from the "Fitted" options on our Color Chart. Color changes by tee style, so you'll want to ensure your selection works on all options within its column.
    • Layered raster/vector file, with each color on a separate layer.
    • Trim all text, and expand any clipping masks.
    • The artwork needs to be all your own work, so no AI-generated imagery. 

    For the initial submission mockup to attach below, a flattened JPG or PNG is preferred.

    Submit Your Shirt Design to Blipshift
    Send your dynamite design using the form below. Our resident art snobs (gotta give those art history students a job somewhere) will evaluate your design for torso-worthiness, apexability, and general shirtdonkulousness.
    Sell Your Design and Make Cash Money
    If selected, your shirt will be for sale for a limited homologation run. At the end, you'll get a cool $1 per tee (with a guaranteed minimum of $250) plus a copy of your shirt. High rollers have made thousands off of a single design!

    Fill out my online form.