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Submit an Idea

Think of an Idea
We're not in the shower with you when your Einstein ideas start making explosions in your head, so submit them! Make sure your genius thought has some kind of story that gearheads will understand. Creep our Garage for inspiration.
Sketch Your Idea Out
Did you fingerpaint in kindergarten? Good enough! Elaborate on your ingenious idea via sketch, doodle or even Power Point. If you failed fingerpainting class you can use your words, just be descriptive so we get what you're trying to say...err draw.
Submit Your Shirt Idea to Blipshift
Beam your brilliant brainwave using the form below. Our resident psychics will evaluate your idea and select those best capturing the spirit of blipshift. The spirit of BS? It's that one carburetor we were never quite able to tune correctly. Still haunts us.
Sell Your Idea and Make Cash Money
If selected and transformed into a finished design, your shirt will be for sale for a limited homologation run. At the end you'll get $100 in BS credit (aka swag bucks) plus a copy of the tee. That's a solid pile of shirt!

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