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Tags: apex, dive bomb, track

All Your Apex Are Belong To Us III

by Eric VanDommelen

When you walk down the sidewalk with your friend, you always end up on the inside line at the next corner. There's some light foot contact and it takes a few steps for your buddy to catch up but he's none the worse for wear. He's walking next to a Dive Bomber.

Shirt Color: Concrete Grey/Heather Grey
Sale ended: 08-07-2014
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Artist Specs
  • Name: Eric VanDommelen

  • Location: Michigan

Artist Profile
Eric is a vehicle development engineer for General Motors at the Milford Proving Ground test track facility. When not working on performance sedans or cop cars, he can be found with his family riding roller coasters, playing pinball, or designing and flying model rockets. His vehicle stable consists of a Pontiac G8, a C5 Corvette, and a Buell Ulysses.