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by Stan Thorne
In the need for a little boost? How about starting the day with a couple fried eggs. Sunny side up, please. Wash that down with some nice cool water. Yeah, that would be egg-cellent!
Shirt Color: Egg White
Sale ended: 02-23-2016
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Artist Specs
  • Name: Stan Thorne
  • Location: Kansas
Artist Profile
Some guys watch football on Sunday. I watch F1. What can I say, I’m a car guy. I first became a Porsche fan as a kid. A friend of my father’s stuffed me in the back of his ’75 metallic brown 911 Targa and gave us a spirited ride down the back roads of Kansas. I knew I’d have one some day. And with the encouragement of my lovely wife (best wife ever!) we saved up for our first one. Since then I have owned several Porsches, the latest being a 996TT. I’m a member of the Kansas City Region PCA and a big fan of blipshift!

My kids name my cars. Red Racer was our 944 Turbo. Blue Bullet was a 996 with aerokit. My white 996 was in route and the kids were struggling to come up with a name. "Snowball" was offered. Eh, no. "Snowflake". Keep trying. "Lighting". Better.

We went on a family vacation and spent one day at a dude ranch. The evening entertainment was a cookout and cowboy songs. The last song began and the lights when out. A lone guitar began to strum Johnny Cash's Ghost Riders in the Sky. Suddenly a black horse reared from nowhere ridden by a ghostly apparition, complete with skeleton mask and black cowboy hat.

"Ghost Rider" now sits in my garage with Johnny Cash in the #1 slot in my CD player.

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