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Essential Transmission

by Micheal Castiglione
Now, more than ever, we gotta to stick together and gear up. United, we can clutch victory from the hands of defeat and save the shift! Or, start hoarding manuals...
Shirt Color: Dark Signal Red
Sale ended: 01-13-2017
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The Final Lap
For Yesterday's Design
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Essential Transmission
Gran Turismo Veloce
by Robert Kane
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Micheal Castiglione, better known as “Casti,” is an accomplished automotive designer with many concept cars and a few production cars to his credit, most notably the Dodge Challenger! He has a deep automotive passion whether it’s drawing, driving, or wrenching on cars. You can spot him and his son at car shows and drift events all around So.Cal, typically driving his pro-touring 67 RS Camaro. Follow him on Instagram to see what designs he’s creating next.