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Tags: 6-cylinder, 911, Ferdinand, ferry, Flat 6, porsche, VW


by Thomas Salisbury
A boat to carry passengers across a body of water? Uh, no.

This "Ferry" helped design the VW Beetle AND was the creator of the 356. Father of the father of the 911? Yup, that too. Some ferries make you feel ill while you lose lunch overboard. But this one's got you feeling all smiley while you win the day at the track.


Shirt Color: carbon grey
Sale ended: 03-10-2014
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Artist Specs
  • Name: Thomas Salisbury

  • Location: SC

Artist Profile
Thomas is a P-car nut who only wishes he could run euro plates without getting pulled over by the local sherif. He has been known to think, "If I design a shirt that gives me satisfaction, then there must be others with the same sort of dreams who would be prepared to buy such a shirt."