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I Choose You

by Francisco Rodriguez
There's so much pressure when faced with a decision this important. What's a better match for your driving style? Are you more of a hybrid-type? Will a Turbo car be more useful in a battle than a V12? It's up to you now, follow your destiny and become the supercar master you were meant to be.
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Tags: ferrari, hypercar, mclaren, porsche, stig, supercar
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Artist Specs
  • Name: Francisco Rodriguez
  • Location: Milwaukee, WI
Artist Profile
An artist since birth and now a self taught graphic designer, Francisco is just your everyday car fanatic, having grown up loving Legos, anime, and art. He enjoys making automotive art and studying racing history in his free time, either by reading or watching documentaries. Francisco is a huge F1 fan with an even bigger crush on the 24h of LeMans. The dream is to one day to design, engineer and drive his own prototype at LeMans.
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