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Indicative Maintenance

by Frank Schmitt
For most people, the idiot lights are the biggest connection they have with their car. There's nothing in the manual for fixing this lucid fluid, however.
Shirt Color: Blinker Black Buildup
Sale ended: 01-24-2018
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The Final Lap
For Yesterday's Design
Sale ends in: 
Indicative Maintenance
///Meister II
by Tayden Castiglione
Artist Specs
  • Name: Frank Schmitt
  • Location: Bellingham, WA
Artist Profile
Frank is a computer nerd by day and car nerd by night. He enjoys road trips in his daily-driver Honda Element (5-speed) and puttering around in a 1969 VW Fastback that will soon have spent half its life as a project car. Past loves include an early 2-liter Porsche 914 and a couple of AWD turbo Mazdas.