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Just Because

by Tiago Fonseca
Your eyes dart around quick to see if anyone's gonna take notice, 'cause social norms 'n stuff. Ah heck, we're going over. Yup, ear to ear grin. This why you got one... for those moments where you just chuckle and think, "Yea that would be fun."
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Shirt Color: Milspec Green
Posters: What's the deal?
Tags: 4x4, cruiser, fj, offroad, trucks
Artist Specs
  • Name: Tiago Fonseca
  • Location: West Hollywood, CA
  • Website/FB: Apex Fibers
Artist Profile
When he is not on the computer creating automotive art, Tiago is at the track, trying not to roll his precious BRZ. His obsession with cars has reached a level that most would describe as borderline creepy. He lives and breathes everything automotive. His biggest regret in life is never having a racecar bed as a kid.
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