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Tags: 24 Hours of Le Mans, racing, track

Late Night Craving II

by team blipshift

2 hour race, 1 class of car? That's like a fancy restaurant open just for dinner that serves only shrimp cocktails. You need a place with way more variety. Steak for b-fast and pancakes for dinner. Open for 24 hours and of course, a drive thru, 'cuz there's gonna be pit stops! You're going to Le Mans.

Shirt Color: Heather
Sale ended: 12-2-2013
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Artist Specs
  • Name: team blipshift

  • Location: NY

The Skinny
If your weekend plans include 56 race cars in 5 different classes, multiple live race streams, no sleep on Saturday night, your better half questioning your sanity (more than usual) and the ever present voice of John Hindhaugh, you're likely getting your late night fix at the Le Mans drive thru.