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Long Hood II

by Sebastian Toddenroth
Time for a little math. If you sell all of your holiday gifts, how much closer are you to gettin' in something with a long hood. So maybe you forgo some modern mandated safety features but the simple answer to that? Don't crash!
Shirt Color: Vintage Grey
Sale ended: 10-30-2017
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The Final Lap
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Long Hood II
Listen To Me
by Jonathan Hardesty
Artist Specs
  • Name: Sebastian Toddenroth
  • Location: Munich, Germany
  • Website/FB: Good Wood Cars
Artist Profile
Sebastian loves to work with his hands, whether it's drawing his dream cars, building model Gundams and LEGOs, or restoring vintage chairs and bicycles. Lately, he's ventured into kids toys with the aptly named Good Wood Cars, because when you can't afford a Porsche 917 LMK you can at least build your own.
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