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Mister Donut II

by Maki Shinohara

Who doesn't like a fresh donut in the morning? In fact, make that two. You could always do a few more but your boss might catch you in the company parking lot. Wear this shirt to tell the world that in any language, Mister Donut feeds you AND gives you driving directions.

Shirt Color: Snow White Parkinglot
Sale ended: 08-01-2013
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Artist Specs
Artist Profile
If only our ladies liked speed, thrilling and donuts... Maki: "I am just a girl loving art, design and fashion. (Actually, I love motorcycle too!) Even though I don't know a lot about car, I pay attention to car design and I like speed and thrilling. When I was watching a movie of car donut, I came up with this idea. I am also happy to combine Japanese taste on it." Awesome.