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Motoring Paradise

by Alex Wakefield
Ah, Monaco. The tax free playground of the rich and famous. If you're a rock star, you might go there on race weekend to be seen, hang out on a mega-yacht and buy a $50 PBR at the casino. For the rest of us, we'd go for some sight seeing. The kind that doesn't require leaving your car, and you apex everything.
Shirt Color: Rubber Marbles Black
Sale ended: 05-30-2013
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Artist Profile
Alex Wakefield is an artist and graphic designer who specializes in motorsport art and design. His versatility as a designer resulted in his being on a creative team with the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, where he created the basis of the 2013 Indianapolis 500 logo. Wakefield's true passion in fine art. Using his creativity (fueled by espresso and rock music) he gives his own unique touch to the illustrations and paintings created. He has worked with people from local race teams and drivers to champion racers like Brian Redman, Kevin Schwantz and Phil Giebler. Wakefield resides in Chicago with his wife, Jessi. Blipshift logo on side seam.