One Sided

by Shannon Killingsworth
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There's something just *chef's kiss* about the magical combination of undertail exhaust and single-sided swingarm. Though performance cycles often focus on function first, the greatest of these don't neglect the form. Years later, this twin-cylinder is anything but an ugly duc.
Sale ended: 07-15-2020
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Artist Specs
Name: Shannon Killingsworth Location: Seattle, WA Website/FB: Slipstream Designs

Shannon Killingsworth is now based in Seattle after a quick year of living in the Motor City of Detroit. Since childhood, he has loved cars and it never went away. Shannon just started drawing cars about a year ago as a way to relax in his free time. He also enjoys racing in Forza Motorsport and building all the latest Lego car models. He currently drives a Nissan 370Z but has plans to upgrade to a Porsche 911 next spring.

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