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by Graeme Cowell
Just because you're not rocking a set of mud flaps doesn't mean you lose all your rallying credentials. On the contrary, you earned yourself an authentic mud livery. Worth it.
Shirt Color: Splash Tire Indigo
Sale ended: 07-26-2016
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Artist Specs
  • Name: Graeme Cowell
  • Location: Ontario, Canada
  • Website/FB: Graeme Cowell
Artist Profile
Graeme wasn't always clear on what he wanted to do with his life, however he never forgot something his dad told him while preparing a vegetable tray as a kid: "Presentation is everything". Carrying this with him through design school, his enthusiasm for cars grew. Having owned an Impreza and now a Scion FRS, he never skips an opportunity to make a splash in the Toronto suburbs. Check out some of his work at