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by André Shikay
Your carpus callosum connects your brain's engine to its transmission, and you always want to make sure they're spinning together. If you hear some small noise from within your car, your On Brain Diagnostics will assess the situation without you overreacting at all. Yep, no chance of a panic forum search whatsoever.
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Tags: bored, brain, emotion, PhD, Psychology, shocked, tired
The Final Lap
For Yesterday's Design
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Star Power
by Anthony McClinton
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There's little doubt that André Shikay has been bitten by the Subie strain of the car guy bug, whether that's in rotating his continuously-modified GC Impreza through show car/track car/rally car duty, or administering and pulling events together for the Brazilian Subaru Club. With the dream car being something even more Fast & more!
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