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by Aljaž Vidovič
These days it seems manufacturers are trying to remove the driver from what goes on under the hood. The fact that some cars today have no dipsticks shows how much of an appliance they've become. The masses need to be reminded, beneath the hood lies a monster of fire and brimstone. Thankfully, there's a few cars on the road that don't mind shakin' the notion that we can just forget about the powertrain.
Shirt Color: Shake and Grey-ke
Sale ended: 09-27-2016
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Perfect 10
by Matthew McCarthy
Artist Specs
  • Name: Aljaž Vidovič
  • Location: Ptuj, Slovania
  • Website/FB: GarageOnNet
Artist Profile
Aljaž has been passionate about cars since as long as he can remember. Mechanical engineer and industrial designer by trade, but a young entrepreneur at heart, he's currently working on the mobile app and corporate image for the automotive startupGarageOnNet: a vehicle, photo, and record storing app. On the weekends he loves to attend car events with a camera around his shoulders.
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