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STEM Major

by VJ Chengappa
If you deal in suspension and engine tuning, you know a few degrees can make all the difference. But don't worry, you're a full STEM major now with a stable career track! Driving is a science, and the track is your laboratory. And just like in the lab, it never hurts to have a fire extinguisher and some eye pro nearby.
Shirt Color: blue another few hours fixing something pointless
Sale ended: 01-09-2019
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The Final Lap
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STEM Major
Respect Your Elfers
by Chad Seip
Artist Specs
  • Name: VJ Chengappa
  • Location: Dallas, TX
Artist Profile
A brand marketer by trade, VJ also enjoys crashing Porsches at the 'Ring on his simulator, hooning his NC Miata at local tracks, and attempting lift-off oversteer in his 6MT Mazda 5 minivan. He is nostalgic for a time when drivers' cars were more pure - free from electronic aids and intrusive safety features. When the driver-less car revolution comes, you will find VJ at the local track preaching to younger enthusiasts about the sublime feeling of driving an unadulterated machine on public roads on a Sunday morning. When not thinking about cars, he lusts after Caterhams and Singers.
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