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Tags: bigfoot, Bob Chandler, monster trucks

Sunday! 2.0

by Cale Putnam

Sunday! Sunday! Sunday! Live at Metro Stadium!!! It's a wild motor sports spectacular! Screaming supercharged 4 wheel drives! Giant monster trucks smashing everything in sight! Get your tickets now! This Sunday! Sunday! Sunday! It's awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Be there!!!

Shirt Color: Crushed Cars Grey
Sale ended: 08-07-2014
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Artist Specs
  • Name: Cale Putnam

  • Location: Boston, MA

Artist Profile
A lifetime of obsessing over monster trucks and an artist for a mother led Cale to where he is today: an engineer by trade who dabbles in automotive graphic design as a hobby. His artwork has been featured on several monster trucks, including Bigfoot Bad Boy, Towasaurus Wrex, and Hurricane Force, the latter of which has also been included in the 2012 and 2013 Hot Wheels Monster Jam toy lines. When not working or inventing paint schemes on his computer, he enjoys watching many other forms racing, beating on his fleet of radio controlled trucks, and fraying his nerves by following the Boston Bruins.