Trac and Field

by Twain Forsythe
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Before "Safari" was just a buzzword slapped on jacked-up million-dollar builds, it meant you could make any dusty field your track; that you had the guts to blast through miles of African desert for days on end. Like a jersey, this paint job will only be white once.
Shirt Color: Only White Once
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The Final Lap
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Trac and Field
Aircool BNB III
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Artist Profile
With a love for both self-propelled and petrol-powered transport, Northern Irishman turned 'stralian Twain Forsythe built his ace art skills from the ground up to become a veritable Freelance Armstrong. Though being your own boss at Nut & Bolt Design isn't always easy, it has allowed him to laser-focus on what he's most passionate about... read more!